Chapter 39: Fractured

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This is just a little chapter sorry!!!

"When will she wake?" Loki asked Eir.

They news in the Royal Library was quite a shock to everyone, especially Loki and Odin. The latter taking the situation quite seriously. The former however found the news wonderful. Y/n, his Y/n, was like him. He thought of her as a Goddess these past weeks but he never thought that it would become literal.

And maybe, just maybe, when she woke, she would let him stay with her for all the years she had.

"She is fractured your highness; her memories are all jumbled. It is up to whether she wakes or not,"

"Whether?" Loki says looking at Eir concerned.

The old woman sighed and simply said, "Let us put her in a room now child,"


In a void, a place between where the dimensions meet, floated a limp body. No time passed. None could enter this void, none except this girl. The colour of her true iris could not be told for her eyes were completely black, her mouth slightly ajar.

A witch, a queen, a goddess, put her power into making sure this woman did not lose herself to the svart magi in her body. But such power could only do so much.

After what seems like hours, a single light appeared. This light grew bright, a yellow globe, one that when looked at closely showed a beautiful man with hair of sun and eyes of oceans. And then another globe appeared, this one with a woman, with hair of red flame reaching out to a little wolf, beckoning it to come forward.

Memories appeared every second, but the girl did not stir. Not even when the man, with brilliant green eyes, appeared in a few of them.

No. She simply laid there. As still as a statue.

I watched her as she laid there. Not knowing how to help her. Wait a minute?

I'm the author of this book!

I used my seidr to push myself to the limp figure, dodging her memories.

It was not her time. Not yet.

I put my hand on her soft cheek and my golden seidr leaked from my palms and I bent down and whispered in her ear, "Lev videre,"

And then the globes started to move.



It felt as though I was nobody. Nothing. My memories weren't memories. But simply distant dreams. There was nothing here, nothing that I could see anything. My power didn't come for me when I called for it. It too had abandoned me.

I wasn't thinking in this moment. I had no mind to do so.

I was there but not there.

Then, something happened.

A warm light flowed into me. Like a helping hand. It spoke to me.

'Live on...'

And so, I opened my eyes.

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