Chapter 15: Oranges

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After finally making it to Loki's Room I realised I couldn't put all the furniture together.

"Curse my broken arm," I said as a stepping through the piles of bags and boxes.

As I walked through I tripped on a box making me bash myself onto a wall.

"Not literally!" I screamed to the universe.

'This was going to be a long day,'

H.Y.D.R.A Base

Location: UNKNOWN

"ARGH!" the Black-haired male screamed.

The electric shock sending extreme amounts of pain into him that a normal mortal could never handle. Blood trickled from his nose as he looked up at Blamore. The man sent a hard punch to his weak stomach causing him to spit out a slump of blood.

"Did you not understand your mission soldier?" he uttered angrily.

The man didn't answer receiving a slap across his face.

"Answer me fool!"

The broken man looked up and met his eyes. His had turned as dark as night.


"Then why, might I ask, is that pathetic wrench not breathing," he said viciously.

A screen turned on behind him to show the y/h/c haired girl placing a range of books on a bookshelf as a man with a metal arm was building a coach with another man. She was smiling and laughing at the two as they fought over how to build the thing. That smile. The man knew that smile.

"Well? Does she look dead to you?"

He looked up at Blamore, his features turning soft as he spoke quietly, "I-I feel as though I know her,"


"I feel as though I know her," he said a bit louder.

Blamore's face paled. He knew something was all the broken man thought. Blamore shook of his once dead expression and told the scientist to prepare the shock wave so high he would forget what had happened.

He pushed and squirmed, trying to free himself from his metal restraints. But it did him no good. The only thing that could be heard that cold night was the screams of pain from the ghoul.

The Man.

The Harding.

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