Chapter 44: Weird

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"You must be careful Lady Y/n. I suggest you stop gallivanting around with the Warriors Three and instead do something calmer," instructed Eir.

"Thank you Lady Eir," I say clutching my head. I really had to be more careful. My eyes scanned the room in search of those glorious green ones, which I found almost hiding in the far corner.

"Loki are you alright?" I asked standing up slowly.

He looked almost...nervous. But that was ridiculous. What would he have to be nervous about?

"I'm fine my lo-darling! My darling, yes that's what I meant," he ranted.

"Okay? Shall we go to the library?" I asked walking up to him.

He took a little step back and played with his hair, "Sure, whatever you want lo-dear!"

That was weird.

Loki POV

Gods she must have thought I was so weird! We were currently walking through the corridors whilst I was focused on my revelation. This woman. This Goddess who walked before me. She put a spell on me, enchanted me, made me feel such euphoria that I never thought I could.

But she wouldn't know.

She couldn't know.

If she knew.

And if she didn't feel the same way.

Gods I would jump off Asgard all over again if that happened.

But what if?

What if I go a lifetime without ever telling her?

What if I sit in a tree and simple watch as she smiles and laughs with her family.

The family I was never in.

The family I want.

The thing I want more than anything.

With no one else, but her.

But what if-?

"Loki, we're here," her beautiful voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Oh y-yes right," I stuttered and walked in with her.

"Are you sure you're okay? You're acting like you're not yourself," she rose her brow.

"Yes darling I'm fine," she side-eyed me but seemed to accept my answer.

I pulled out an old book I used to read as a kid and sat down on a plush couch in front of a fire. Halfway through the first chapter I felt a little dip in the couch next to me.

"What are you reading," I glanced up to face her.

Her beautiful y/e/c eyes glistened in the firelight while her skin glowed. She was the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.

"Loki?" I loved the way my name rolled of her tongue. It was simple-

"Loki!" I shook out of my trance and saw her concerned expression.

"Oh right! Book, yes read. I mean," I cleared my throat and shuffled a little to the side away from her, "Its an old book I read as a child,"

There was silence for a few minutes as I tried focusing on the words before me. Until she broke it.

"Alright that's it," her book snapped shut and before I had the chance to turn around and ask what happened, my body was turned and pushed down so that the middle of my spine was pressed on the arm of the chair and my hand dropped the book on the ground. Her knee was pressed to me chest and her forearm against my neck. If I moved just a little bit our noses would have met.

She glared daggers at me, "What the hell is going on?"

I swallowed and stuttered, "N-nothing,"

"For Thor's sake Loki, what is it," she said pressing her arm just a bit more down, "Ever since I woke up you've been acting weird. As if being around me made you scared and uncomfortable. So tell me Laufeyson is it me? Are you scared of me? Do you not want to be around this pathetic fool?" she hissed.

My mouth was agape. That was the exact opposite of what I was thinking. She couldn't possibly think that I hated her.

"Darling no that's-"

"And there's that too," she cut me off, "Love. You can't stand saying the word in front of me anymore. Why? Is it because I'm not good enough for it? Is it because of the slightest move that I faint and forget who you are?" I sat in shock, "Tell me!"

Pure anger and sadness filled her eyes, I didn't have the words in me to say anything. But I did have the actions.

I lifted my hanging hand to her face gently. At first she flinched slightly but she relaxed. I brushed away a loose strand of hair but didn't break I contact. The ends of her hair were a mix of colour. Dark red, deep blue and light pink. My thumb drew circles on her cheek and the rest of my fingers clutched the back of her neck. I watched her eyes as the scanned my face with confusion. I tugged her closer and her breath hitched. My other arm wrapped around her body pressing her against me. She swallowed and her eyes flickered to my lips.

I smirked on the outside but panicked on the inside.

"What if I'm wrong?"

"What if this ruins everything we have?"

"What if-?"

To hel with it.

I pulled her closer and her eyes fluttered shut. Her hands pushed her up and she hover over me. With one pull.

She gently came closer and my eyes fluttered shut too. 3cm, 2cm, 1cm.

My lips hesitantly brushed against hers and hers curled into a smile. I was about to pull her closer, to do something about this feeling inside me. To show her that she was the last person in this world that I could hate.

That she was my light.

She was my joy.

She was the only thing that made this life worth living.

"Your highness,"

We jumped up, Y/n freaking out a little more than I did. Her powers were highwire and she morphed between a phoenix, fish and landed on her feet as a small black kitten.

I picked her small body up and stroked her until she calmed down. She purred and curled closer to my chest. I glared at the guard who had interrupted us.

"What is it?" I seethed.

He looked unphased, "The AllMother has requested both your presence in the Yggdrasil room,"

I rolled my eyes; I had been so close yet pulled so far.

"Leave," I hissed, and he simply bowed and walked out.

I put Y/n down in my lap and asked, "Can you change back?"

Her little head shook in a no and I simply picked her up and held her close to me. "Well let's go see what she wants,"

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