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Swan Song ✧ STEVE ROGERS by polgadots
Swan Song ✧ STEVE ROGERSby whitest black girl™
SWAN SONG | ❝ i can't lie, i'm scared to open my eyes cause what if i find nothing at all? ❞ ➣ MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE ➣ STEVE ROGERS/CAPTAIN AMERICA × OFC ➣ SET IN...
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COMPLICATED by margotsrobbies
sebastian stan,, ' you love me, admit it ' 2018, margotsrobbies
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Wrong Number by AnotherUselssHumanCJ
Wrong Numberby CJ
Peter Parker breaks his phone and fixes it but it messed with his contacts. Most were saved but one was mixed around making a new number, who could it be? Dont judge fo...
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red velvet | sebastian stan by thekazbrekker
red velvet | sebastian stanby 「a」
❝fuck you❞ -❝is that a to do list?❞ in which selene jeffrey gets casted with her childhood nemesis, sebastian stan. [ social media fanfiction ] [ female oc x sebastian...
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WILD CHILD │ barnes ¹ by superstrouper
WILD CHILD │ barnes ¹by ★ 𝐊𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐀 ☆
Behind the Winter Soldier, a young killer follows. A child - who's ledger is drip, drip, dripping with red. She's been passed from one cruel hand to the other, but when...
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Spiderling | Tom Holland [Social Media]✔️ by LewisLovesSpidey
Spiderling | Tom Holland [Social House_Of_Lord_Tyrell
(Cover by @eleaellielle) [A Social Media story] [Complete] [Editing] Former Game of Thrones actress Elisa Meryn finds herself seeking a new job and jumps at the opportun...
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GRAVITY | Steve Rogers by bonniegcld
GRAVITY | Steve Rogersby lonely
"you never understand the gravity of a situation until it crushes you." - in which the girl with gravikinesis meets the man out of time [marvel cinematic unive...
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(ON HOLD) Nothing Lasts Forever | Stark's Daughter by swkatie
(ON HOLD) Nothing Lasts Forever | —katie
! ON HOLD ! "Just admit it, dad. You don't care about me, you never have. You don't give a damn about me. You couldn't give a shit if I went out and got myself kill...
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If They Knew All About You by Ms_Hermia
If They Knew All About Youby MsHermia
Tony Stark had lost his son when he was only 2 years old, stolen away in broad daylight. Years later, his path crosses with that of a particular vigilante. They are stra...
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ATHENA | Tony Stark by bonniegcld
ATHENA | Tony Starkby lonely
"i've never met a woman like you. you're like a goddess." "i'm far from that, tony." - in which tony loses his childhood friend and reunites with her...
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Origin | Civil War {2] by weareavengers
Origin | Civil War {2]by Elaine
"No matter which side you pick, I'll still love you."
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thank u, next ⇢ t.holland [2] by _petrovaaa
thank u, next ⇢ t.holland [2]by petrova
the one where she's grateful for her ex, all except one. {book 2 in the t.h x a.g (o.c) series.} [tom holland]
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Friendly Neighbourhood Peter Parker (Spideychelle) by anorak616
Friendly Neighbourhood Peter nope
~This fic is incomplete and discontinued but should have enough content~ After the events of Spider Man Homecoming, Peter is left down and disappointed with Liz having t...
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fake smile ⇢ t.holland [3] by _petrovaaa
fake smile ⇢ t.holland [3]by petrova
but baby, I'm grateful, I want you to know {book 3 in the t.h x a.g (o.c) series.}
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How'd You Get This Number? by superperce_lock
How'd You Get This Number?by flower :D
When Peter Parker accidentally sends a quick text to Natasha Romanoff herself, things start to get a little wacky. Especially when Peter gets himself an internship at St...
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Sebastian Stan imagines || by marvel-rhapsody
Sebastian Stan imagines ||by rylie ann
imagines for the great and wonderful chubby dumpling ❤️ requests are open! writing for seb and bucky
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Spider-Man: The Defenders by Fireheartsage
Spider-Man: The Defendersby Fireheartsage
Spoiler warning for Homecoming and (obviously) The Defenders. After Peter decides to stay a street level hero, a mysterious organization enters his life and makes his li...
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Bucky Barnes imagines  by bxckybarnxs
Bucky Barnes imagines by Mia
A collection of imagines I can only wish would happen. Enjoy :) There will occasionally be some imagines about Steve, stucky, Sebastian, the avengers and some other marv...
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Hope Stark by Stark_2023
Hope Starkby I.D.H.E.M.F.C.N.
BOOK TWO OF THE TONY STARK'S DAUGHTER SERIES Hope Stark has been on the run with Bucky Barnes for a year. She checks in on the Avengers from time to time. She has gotten...
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Just one look ~ a Chris Evans fanfiction by vigoDc
Just one look ~ a Chris Evans vigoDc
Melissa Foster is a freelance photographer but is also very shy. She never had a real relationship before because of her past and experience with men. Luckily she has he...
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