Chapter 47: Vanaheim

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My heart thumped in my chest. Beating faster and faster with each step across the Bifrost Chamber.

If I had not known the cause, I would have thought I was going into cardiac arrest.

Loki's hand gripped mine tightly as he and Thor spoke their parting words with Heimdall, none of which I could find hear.

Gosh even my thoughts were starting to sound like that of Thor's and Loki's.


"Darling?" Loki shook me gently.

"Hm? Oh sorry right! Thank you ever so much Heimdall," I said quickly turning to face the golden eyed man.

"Don't fret Lady Y/n! We are embarking on a new journey, one on which we will triumph and get you reunited with your family. And if anything shall go wrong, have no fear for Thor is here!"

Loki cleared his throat and glared, "And of course, so is my sweet little brother," he added, causing me to laugh.

"Alright, I'm ready,"

Heimdall nodded and twisted the sword. The Bifrost room started spinning faster and faster as rainbow lights swirled around the room. I clutched Loki tightly as we were pulled across universes. My eyes were shut for the first few minutes but then I heard laughter. I opened them to see Thor smiling at me and Loki looking around us. I saw stars and planets zoom past, and galaxies full of colour. From red to yellow to green. The Bifrost started speeding up more making me clutch Loki tighter until I was sure he wasn't breathing.

"Darling?" he whispered, "We're here,"

I looked down at where my feet were. The dry grass was marked with Asgardian symbols, indicating where the Bifrost had dropped us. I looked up.

And my once shut eyes did not want to shut any more.

Before the three of us was a vast valley filled by the tallest trees I'd ever seen. High mountains stood in the horizon and birds cried overheard. The sound of waterfalls could be heard from somewhere in the distance.

"Y/n, turn around," Loki whispered in my ear.

I followed his command. I'm glad I did so.

Behind us was what seemed like a mountain and an archway was carved in it. On its sides, two ginormous statues of guards stood there to protect what was beyond the archway.

This was the gateway of the city of Vanaheim.

Where Asgard was the City of Gold, Vanaheim was the City of Life. The capital was carved into the centre of the mountain and protected by its high walls. Ice melted at the top, causing waterfalls to pour down creating rivers through which the people use boats to traverse the city. The structures were made of stone but had vines and flowers growing across them.

It was beautiful.

It was magnificent.

It was what her father called home.

"Well, no point in standing here, onward!" shouted Thor.

And so, we went.

Third Person POV

The trio walked through the immaculate city that was just a bit smaller than Asgard. The Vanir's were simply carrying on with there daily tasks, paying no heed to the strangers walking through their city. Children laughed as the played around the many fountains and street vendors called at them shouting their prices.

Y/n clutched tightly onto Loki's palm and he gave her a squeeze of reassurance as they approached the castle. It was not made of gold like in Asgard, yet its beauty was still greater. As they strode across the bridge made of polished stone, Y/n took in every detail. It was tall, possibly bigger than that of Asgard's even, with intricate archways and plant life.The waterfalls above even flowed into some parts of the castle, spewing into the waters below them.

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