Chapter thirty-four

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So white, and beautiful.

A big garden, green everywhere, never ending grass.
I looked down at my clothes, white. White, long and so soft.

I took a couple of steps, touching every flower I passed as I looked around trying to find the feeling of familiarity, but I couldn't, this was something completely different.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"
I stopped still, and although I wanted to cry I couldn't, it was as if sadness didn't exist here.
Instead, a big smile formed on my face as I turned around, "mom?".

I've never ran so fast before, and suddenly I stopped when I reached my destination, my mothers embrace.
She was the most gorgeous woman ever, I got my green eyes from her, her brown hair reached her shoulders and her body was so beautifully carved. Everything was just like I remembered, at least the little I remembered. She was so familiar, yet still a big mystery.

"My beautiful Luna" She said, as the warmest smile pulled on her beautiful thin lips.
"I've missed you so much mom" I spoke, happiness filling my voice as I looked up at her.
She tightened her grip one more time around me before letting go. "Let's go for a walk."

I followed her right away as we walked, our bare feet touching the light green grass.
Everything here was so lively, so beautiful and had a fresh feeling to it.
"Am I in paradise?" I asked, a genuine question as I received a chuckle from her in return.
"Not yet sweetie." I looked at her in confusion, if this wasn't paradise then what was it?

"We have a lot to talk about" She said, I wasn't sure if she was worried or curious but I got a feeling of both, "you're not ready yet." I was, if this was my afterlife, I couldn't be more ready, "yes I am mother, I want to be here with you, please!" I answered.

Mother stopped next to a tree, and sat down, as she patted her lap signaling for me to lay down and put my head there, and so I did.
"Tell me about him" She said, I looked up at her in confusion, even though a small part of me already knew who the him was, "him?" I asked nevertheless, "Xander."

I let out a sigh, "Xander" I started, "he's something else."
She looked at me with a cheeky smile on her face, "something else you say?"
I couldn't help but laugh, but then the laugh toned down and a sad smile pulled on my face.

"He's difficult, stubborn, hard headed, rude, arrogant" I stopped to catch my breathe, "very much cocky, and such a control freak, and extremely bipolar." I let out a sigh, in frustration.
"But?" She said, I looked up at her and just stared, afraid these words may be the death of me.. even though I seemed to be already dead. "But I think I'm in love with him"

A warm smile formed on her face, as realization hit me.
I said it, it was out, "I love him."
It felt good, it felt so good to be honest for once, without caring what would happen.
"Go get him then"

I sat up, looking at her in confusion, "what?"
She just stared at me.
"Luna" The voice wasn't hers, it was way too dark, and familiar, and it was pulling me out.

I blinked


Another blink, watching as it all disappeared.


I opened my eyes, as white hit me, this time not blinding me in the process.
"Luna" A whisper from the right side said, as I slowly turned my head, the sight of Xander horrifying me. His eyes were bloodshot, eyebags strongly formed right beneath, his skin was pale and it looked like he hadn't slept for days, "You look terrible" I blurted with the little of energy I had.

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