Chapter eighteen

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{I would say there you are by Zayn fits to this chapter if you want to listen while reading, at least from the part where Alexa and Luna sit together}

We entered the club shortly after Bruno, and Alexandra.

The music was thudding through the walls, and a wave of alcohol mixed with perfume and sweat hit my face. The place was packed.

Luckily, it was also huge and as long as I stayed away from the dancefloor, my claustrophobia wouldn't get triggered, but only a glance at the crowd that stood skin to skin was enough to make me dizzy.

"Patron" People nodded at Xander as we walked in.

Everyone seemed to recognize him, making me guess that he's been here a lot.
I couldn't picture him being here, dancing and flirting with girls. Having fun.
Bruno on the other side, seemed like he was ready to get It started.

We've been here for a total of three minutes, and Bruno has checked out five girls, three of them I'm pretty sure he's already been with purely based on the looks they gave him.

"The Russians will arrive in fifteen minutes, they're coming in through the back door" Alexandra spoke, it seemed like she was the one who had control on their associates and alliances by the things I've heard since the day she came.

"Bueno" Xander nodded in approval, I felt a lot of stares on me, I wasn't sure if it was because of dress or because I was standing next to their boss.

Xander's arm found its way around my waist, earning an annoyed glare from Alexandra.
"What are you doing?" I spoke through gritted teeth, as I tried to loosen his grip.
He wasn't even budging.
"Making sure, everyone here knows that you're not to be touched"

I let out a breathe, 
"You don't get to decide who gets to touch me and who doesn't" I spat, annoyed at how he acted like I was his property.
His eyes hardened at my voice, and his grip seemed to tighten in annoyance.
"Stop being so fucking difficult"

Alexandra made her way to his left side, and put her hand around him while dragging Bruno to her other side, to make it seem like we were all just one big happy group.
"Vamos" She said, putting on her infamous fake smile.

We made our way to the VIP section and entered a room with a view looking down on the whole club.
"Alexandra, I want you to take Luna and go downstairs" Xander commanded, why, just why.
"Que? I should be in this meeting" she argued, "I'm always in the meetings, the Russians will be expecting me" She continued.

Xander sighed in annoyance, "For once Alexa, do what I say without arguing".
Alexandra blinked, "I'm not a babysitter Xander" ouch.
"Alexa" Xander gritted, giving her a stern look.

She looked at him, then shifted her gaze to me and tightened her jaw before putting a smile on display, "Fine".
Making her way over to me. "Vamos" Lets go.
The fact that no one except Maria knew I understood Spanish, yet they all still spoke spanish amused me.

"No beber" No drinking.

Alexandra turned around, making sure that Xander didn't see her rolling her eyes before answering "Esta bien".
We made our way downstairs and entered the club again. The workers seemed to know Alexandra too, by the way some smiled while others gave her a smile mixed with fear while asking if she needed anything.

We sat down at a table not far away from the dancefloor, I looked around trying to see if there was a possibility for me to sneak out of here.
The only thing that was stopping me from trying was the thought of Amelie getting hurt.
Would he really hurt her?

"So, Luna" Alexandra spoke, breaking the silence. "I think we came off on the wrong foot"
I gave her an unsure look, taken aback from her sudden realization.
"I hadn't noticed" I replied, earning a laugh from her.

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