Chapter fifty-five

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(for this chapter you should play Never be the same by Camila cabello, especially in the part were Luna is taking a walk)

"Thank you doctor Green"

I smile, God I love the sound of that. I've been in the program for two months, it's been incredible. The program has helped me get back in a dream I forgot and reminded me why I chose this path to start with. We work for free, every single one of us, to help people who can't afford regular visits to the doctors. Luckily the apartment me and Amalie is already paid for, it was odd, but she said it was a gift from someone at her dad's company.

The program has helped me continue my practice, and slowly but surely, I'm getting back to my normal life. I work at a small café part time just to have a little extra money. The weather is getting warmer, and every day seems like progress. I still feel the ache in my heart, the longing and sometimes I let a few tears slip but I keep myself busy enough to not fall back into the pit I was in two months ago.

I'm moving forward. Maybe not by choice, but I'll make the best out of it nevertheless. Life is precious, you have to make the best out if while you can.

"Of course, I'll see you again next week!" I say back, waving my hand as my last patient of the day walks out the door. I look at the clock, 2.35. I let out a deep breath, my body is already tired, and I feel a headache incoming. I grab the water and swallow down pills to dull the pain before I make my way out of the clinic.

The sun is shining, I can already feel that it's going to be a good day.
I decide to walk home and change into a dress, with a green sweater over. The weather is nice but chilly. God, I love France, Eze has been nothing but perfect so far.

Amalie had to leave yesterday to see her father, giving me three days alone in the apartment before she comes back again. Our apartment is small and cozy, it was two rooms and when we came it was already decorated and everything was perfect. It felt like the apartment was made for me. Barszik is also having fun, when we arrived there was a cat tree there with some toys for him. He hasn't left it at all, i'm almost jealous.

"Mademoiselle Luna!"
"Bonjour" I smile, trying out the little of French I've learned so far. I step inside the little shop and give Pierre a friendly hug. Pierre is a young kid who watches the shop for his father after school, he's teaching me most of what I know when it comes to French. I always come here since the shop is right next to the apartment.

"The usual?" He grins, I give him a nod and a satisfied smile as he hands me an éclair and two pain au chocolat as he calls it. I've decided that French is the most beautiful language after Spanish. It's so delicate, and elegant.

"I'll have whatever she's having" The voice sounds so familiar, yet not nearly familiar enough for me to put a face to it. I turn around and let my eyes analyze the blonde guy behind me, and he analyzes me as well. We're both searching for familiarity and then a light goes off.

"Luna!" We both laugh at our timing, as if a light bulb went off at the same time over both of our heads.

Landon was at the ball, God it feels like an eternity has passed since that night. I cringe as I remember what happened last time I saw him, and the following events. I try my best to block out that night. That's the past, it doesn't matter now. Its all gone.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, as I grab the bag from Pierre and give him a small thank you. Landon waits for his bag but doesn't take his eyes away from me, "My uncle lives here, I come here almost every year, didn't expect to see you here though, I would've visited more often if I knew."
I let out a small laugh, "still cheeky I see."

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