Chapter fifteen

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Five days,

Seven thousand and two hundred minutes,

432 000 seconds.

That's how long I've been here.
I haven't seen Atlantis since our last interaction, when he came in my room and told me to come down to dinner. I didn't.
I spent a whole night in the basement, as punishment. But I didn't mind, that mean I didn't have to see him.

Ever since I got out again, I haven't seen him.
One of the maids gave me a tour of the house, or.. mansion.
The place was huge, bigger than anything I've ever seen, but it didn't come as a shock considering his family was one of the richest in the United States.

I tried to look for a way out through the whole tour, but there were guards everywhere.
I haven't given up yet, I just need some more time.

"You're good to go" I said to the guard in front of me, trying my best to avoid contact.
He got a deep cut on his forehead, when they were training so I stitched him up.
After all, this was what I signed up for.
"Gracias" He muttered, and left.

I didn't want to have any personal with anyone of these people.
I'm not one to judge, I know I'm not perfect myself but I couldn't handle the idea of what they chose to be their line of work, the pain they've put people through.
The horrifying stories I've heard and read. I can't pretend like I'm not aware.

I let out a sigh, as I looked at my hand. I had to take off the bandage, it had healed, so there was no reason to keep it on, but I couldn't bring myself to take it off and must see the scar all they time.

"Senõra Luna, what do you want for dinner?" Maria asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.
I smiled at her, she's the nicest person I've met here, and considering that she was only a housekeeper and didn't engage in the work they did, I didn't mind speaking with her.

"Hmm, what about chicken soup?" I cheered, she shook her head, giving me a displeased look.
"No!" She exclaimed knitting her brows, "Too much chicken soup this week, something new today" She spoke, with her thick accent.
Maria didn't know a lot of English, considering that every person here was Spanish except me, It made sense, but she knew enough for us to communicate.

I also had Spanish at school, so when she didn't find the words in English I understood when she spoke Spanish instead.

"Fine" I huffed, trying to think of something else that could be as delicious.
"What about Paella?" I grinned, remembering the delicious Spanish dish they served us in Spanish class once.

A smile formed on Maria's face, showing that she agreed.
"Si, we make together then?" I nodded my face in approval, we had made food together the past days. Since Atlantis was gone, I didn't mind being in the kitchen instead of my room.

"I'm just gonna get changed, and I'll meet you in the kitchen"


After a lot of  "No!", "Incorrecto" and a couple of headshakes we finally got done, and I had learned how to make Paella!

"What is this delicious smell" A familiar voice caught my attention, while Maria seemed to know who it was so she didn't react at all. I turned around and saw the boy from earlier, the one who came into the basement and gave Atlantis the folder.

He was a couple of inches shorter than Atlantis, but not a lot. His hair was brown, he had a lean body, not buffed up but still muscular.
"Nosotras estamos hacienda paella" Maria answered, still not turning around.

Bruno came closer, and tried to taste but she slapped his hand away.
"No! Wait till dinner"
He tried to give her the infamous puppy eyes, but she wasn't budging.

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