Chapter thirty-seven

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🚩This chapter may contain mature content🚩

"Alright, are we missing something?" Alexa asked, for the fifth time.

I'm exhausted, and she seems like she has a whole day of energy left in her.
We "went" shopping all day yesterday, and I mean ALL day.

Shopping with Alexa was not for the weak, I thought shopping meant that we could exit the house and actually go to a shopping center, but not on Xander's watch.
He didn't insist, he demanded that we stayed home, and it took him one call to arrange a whole cat walk here for me and Alexa while everyone else left the house.

I've never in my life seen someone that's as picky as Alexa when it comes to clothes.
She tried every single clothing, every single purse, shoes, jewelry etc.
Nothing was perfect and we stayed in the living room until I fell asleep.

Now we're in my room, Alexa is checking for the hundred time that our dresses are here, shoes, jewelry etc. "You never know okay, I wouldn't be shocked if that snake tried to copy my dress or something."

Oh, and did I mention that the so called snake aka Adriana most of the conversation topic?

I haven't talked to her, and mostly I've been trying to avoid her, and Xander.
After I heard him saying yes to her yesterday, I decided that I wasn't going to bother him anymore.
I thought the reason he was being distant for a month was because he felt bad, but right now he was being nasty. If he wanted to be with Adriana then good for him, he's probably been with here the whole month, but I'm not going to be someone he plays with when he feels like it.

"How is she supposed to do that?" I asked, trying to get logic out of the way Alexa thought.
"Doesn't matter, snakes find their way when you least expect it." She smiled after checking that everything was perfect for the ball that was four hours away.

She turned to me,
"Make up?" She asked,
"Got it"
"Hair?" She asked,
"In a bun"
"Shoes?" She asked,
"Right there" I said pointing to the corner.
She smiled, and started thinking, "did you shave?"
I gave her a weird look, "what?"
"Like, down there, just in case"

Alexa will be the prime example I use when I say, don't judge a book by its cover.
Judging by the first time we met, to drugging me, you'd never think this conversation would ever be happening.

"God, Alexa!" I said, as I felt my cheeks turn red.
She shook her head, "You're a grown woman Luna, and we women have needs, now go and shave because you never know what the night brings" She threw a cheeky smile, "there's going to be lots of men there, dangerous hot men and I don't know about you but I'm getting some."

I never ever imagined that sentence coming out of Alexa's mouth. She sounded just like Bruno.

I shook my head as I smiled at our stupid conversation, before making my way to the shower.

The second the hot water touched my skin, I felt relaxed.

Then I started wondering how it would feel to shower with a someone, maybe a curly headed someone.

Stop it Luna, he's a douchebag. And he's probably showering with sna- Adriana right now.

My face dropped just at the thought of it.
Just because I decided to let it go and stop bothering him, doesn't mean I didn't feel the way I felt.
I just had to do a job at hiding it.

My eyes landed at the razor blade, and Alexa's words played in my mind.
The chance of me sleeping with someone was at a very good one to zero percent, but maybe I should shave anyhow, just because.. why not.

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