Chapter fifty-one

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"I can't do it" I protest, feeling my body shiver just at the sight.
"Yes you can, we've been practicing for two weeks now." He answers, taking a step in to encourage me. It's weird how something can be so beautiful and peaceful, yet so scary.
"Come on mi Vida, it's just water."

I give him a dirty look, just water. Yeah right. Tell that to everyone who's drowned before, everyone that has been bitten by a shark or an evil creature lurking down there. Yet, looking away from all that I'm still standing here, trying to overcome my fear and lose myself in the clear water.

We've been practicing for two weeks, step by step. Xander has had way more patience than I thought. Partly because he loves me and wants me to overcome my fear, but mostly because all the swim instructors were all men and most were too scared to say yes, and the one who actually did say yes ended up leaving halfway in the first lesson.

"You know, if you hadn't scared off the one instructor that said yes, I would be able to swim right now." I say, as the water reaches my feet slowly but surely.
"He was touching you"
"He was stopping me from drowning!" I retorted. Poor man, I'm pretty sure he peed himself a little when Xander started threatening his entire bloodline.

We've traveled to most places on my list by now, and the last two weeks have been spent in the warmer side of the list. Although I loved Europe, especially Switzerland winter, I must say there's nothing better than warmth. We're now on a private island near Singapore.
I don't know how rich this man is, but he's rich enough for us to be on a whole frickin island with only us and the people who work here. 

Xander makes his way out of the water and to me, "come on" he says grabbing my arm.
I freeze, unsure if I want to do this or not, "trust me amor" I give him a glare, he knows how weak I get when he calls me that. I stand still for a couple of seconds, taking a deep breath.
"Fine. But if I drown, I'm haunting your ass"

He chuckles as we go deeper, "if you die I'll be right next to you, I'll even make sure we're buried right next to each other just so it'll be easier for you."
Knowing Xander, he'd probably do it too. "Are you saying that even in death, you won't be giving me personal space?" The water is reaching my knees right now and I don't even realize how hard I'm squeezing his hand. "That's exactly what I'm saying angel."

The water is reaching my lower stomach, and panic starts to set in.
"Nope, no" I say turning around, "I'm not doing this. Bad idea. Let's go."
Xander squeezes my hand and turns me right back, "good idea. No turning back. We're doing this."
I roll my eyes at the way he's mocking me, "I'm no- XANDER LET ME DOWN"

I scream and try to get out of his arms, but he only goes further in while carrying me bridal style.
"Xander please" I beg, looking everywhere but the water, "I'm going to drown!"
"Relax baby, I'll die before anything bad happens to you, just trust me."
I take another deep breath, "you're safe with me angel."

Xander keeps his arms around me, and I keep my eyes closed as I try to relax.
The panic is rushing over my body again as I feel the water hitting the back of my body.
I'm clinging to Xander as he tells me to stretch out my legs.
"baby, you're doing great" He says, "try to let go of my arms, I'll still be here I promise."

I slowly let go of his arms, keeping my eyes closed as I feel his touch under my back to make sure I keep my body straight.
"Look baby, you're floating" I slowly open my eyes and he's right, I'm floating! And I haven't even drowned.. yet.

"Oh my God Xander, we did it!" I cheer, making sure not to move too much because it still feels weird.
"You did it angel, all you. I'm just here as additional support"
I laugh at his wording and relax my body even more. The crystal-clear water feels so good. Suddenly dying here wouldn't be the worst thing.

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