Chapter thirteen

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It's been two days, two fucking days.

She's been in the basement the whole time, I gave my men orders to frighten her enough to give up that tough act, but anyone that dared to put a scratch on her would get a bullet through their head.
None of them have succeeded, she's still determined on not breaking the promise she gave herself.

I wanted to know why, why she quit and why she promised herself to never practice again, especially when it seemed like being in the medical field was a lifelong dream of hers.
I found this girl to be so weird, she seemed so simple, so forward yet full of mystery.
Although I got a folder with every single detail about her life, it felt like there was still way too much I didn't know.

"It seems like you got yourself a tough one there amigo" Bruno chuckled, he found it funny that I actually had some challenge for once, and that a twenty year old girl was getting on my nervous this much.

"Cállate" Shut up. Although her stubbornness annoyed me, I found myself gaining respect at how determined she was, maybe I was wrong when I called her weak.

"Why are you so focused on her? We have hundreds of people that would do anything for the same position she's refusing to take" He had a point, but these hundreds all lacked something.
"Si, and I'll bet you that ninety-nine percent of these hundreds would betray us at any given chance for higher pay" I said back, not backing down from my decision.
"And she won't?" He continued.
"She can't be bought" I replied, keeping my eyes on the computer as I watched her.

She was laying there in the same hospital dress from when we took her.
Her eyes looked dull, and tired. Hair was a mess, and her mouth was dry from the little of hydration she's gotten. They've been waking her up by throwing a bucket full of water on her, every four hours.
I hated seeing her like that, but there was no other option. She had to learn who was in charge.

One thing I hated more, was the thought of me caring.

"I think you like her" Bruno giggled like a fucking fourteen old teenage girl.
"I think you should shut the fuck up" I growled at him.
"See? You're being all defensive, I knew I was right, I'm always right" I was about to punch him, but the scream coming from my computer caught both of our attention.

The sight of one of my men grabbing her hand that was bandaged, most likely from the fire made my eyes see red.
Bruno said something, but I couldn't hear, it was like her scream was playing on repeat in my head.
I stood up immediately and headed to the basement, my gun in one hand and a whole lot of rage in the other.

"Patrón" The guards outside nodded, before I put two bullets in each of their heads.
That's for not following orders and letting someone inside without my permission.

I entered the basement, and the guard looked at me straight away, his eyes full of fear.
"Patrón, I was-" Before he could finish his sentence, my fist collided with his jaw. Seeing four of his teeth fall out, did nothing but satisfy me.
"What were my orders?" I said through gritted teeth,
"B-but Patró-" I sent a kick to his stomach, watching him groan in pain.
"What were my fucking orders?" I growled at him, anger rushing through my veins as her scream played on repeat.

"N-no o-one s-should e-nter w-w-without" My patience was running low, and his stuttering was making it worse. I threw another kick, "P-permission, without permission!" He shouted in pain.

I smiled at him like a maniac,
"Exactly, and what did you do? You defied orders" I circled around him.
"And what do we do to those who defy my orders?" A look of terror appeared on his face, fully knowing how I punish those who don't listen to me.
"P-please Patrón, I just wanted her to comply so you could be happy" Bullshit.

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