Chapter twenty-eight

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                  - Good for you by Selena Gomez


I smiled, as I looked at the winged eyeliner.
I barely looked like my usual self, my hair was straightened, I was wearing a red lip, cat eye liner and black bodysuit.

I stood up, and dragged the stay ups, stopping on my thigh.
The black leather jacket matched the bodysuit, I was only wearing this when entering the club, and changing into something red before going on stage.

A look into the mirror, and all I saw was danger.
Black mixed with red screaming danger.
I saw a glimpse of the old Luna, and for now I didn't mind because I needed the confidence.

I tiled my head, a smirk appearing as I looked at myself.

Me and Alexa practiced the whole day yesterday, she told me what the plan was and gave me information about what the so-called Guzman liked and disliked.
Alexa was going to be there too, she was going in undercover as a dancer but staying low enough to not get too close.

I made sure to cover the scars on my back, and stomach with makeup, and you could barely see anything. Perfect.

A glimpse at the clock told me it was time to go,
Alexa was surely ready by now.

I wore the jacket and grabbed my purse as I made my way out the room.
A rush of excitement blended with nervousness hit me.

As I faced the hallway, the door to Alexa's room opened and I almost gasped.
She looked even more different than me.

Alexa was wearing a velvet red wig that was shoulder length.
Her makeup consisted of a fox eye, brown lip and freckles that were drawn on.
She looked good.

A smirk appeared on her face, matching mine.
"Born ready"

We met in the middle, and made our way down the stairs.
My face turned into a bright shade of red, when all heads turned around and were looking at us.
Xander, Bruno, Pablo and Luca were all wearing suits.

Bruno was put in a trance when he saw Alexa, his eyes were glued to her every movement.
Luca and Pablo were looking at us, shock and a smug look drawn on their faces.

My eyes searched for a pair of brown ones, and we finally met as he turned around.
I couldn't help the rush of confidence that ran through my body, when I saw the look on his face.
For the first time ever, Xander Romero looked too stunned to speak.

His eyes were matching my every movement as I made my way down the last steps.
He was scanning every single inch of my body, and I wasn't sure if the expression on his face was a good taken back or a bad one.

"Joder" A whisper left his lips, "te ves tan jodidamente perfecta, angel".

A blush crept up on my face, as I understood every word.
"Huh?" I said, pretending like I didnt hear what he said.
His eyes met mine, and he stood there speechless, I smiled in success

"Barszik got your tongue?" I repeated what he had said to me earlier.

Bruno was spinning Alexa around, and gushing over how "fucking hot" she looked.
But as his eyes were on her, her eyes were on Xander.
For a second there, I almost forgot why me, and Alexa came off on the wrong foot to start with.

"Luna, did I just meet your alter ego?" Bruno asked, I smiled at him, and messed up his hair,
"You're about to see a lot more of her".
I turned around and my eyes met Pablo's, he was analyzing me again.

"Can I take a picture, so it'll last longer?" He threw in, before I had the chance to say anything.
A chuckle left my lips at his comment, I couldn't help but look at Xander though.
He was standing with Alexa, but our eyes were on each other.

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