Chapter fourteen

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"Dinner is ready"

"I'm not hungry" I answered, leaning my head towards the window and pretending I was everywhere else but here.
"Senõr won't be happy" Maria said, she was the head maid of the house. Maria was probably in her early sixties, her hair was always in a bun, at least all the times she's come here to tell me or give me something.

"With all respect, I don't care what if he's happy or not" I replied, trying to not be disrespectful towards her since she has shown me nothing but kindness, but also wanting to make it clear that I don't care about what her boss thinks.

She huffed at my answer, and left, making sure to close the door.

I've been in my room ever since he let me out of the basement, and I didn't have any plans on changing that. I had everything I needed, and there was a bathroom right next to my room, so I didn't really have to go far.

I looked at the white bandage on my hand, it was time to take it off, but I was scared.
Scared of seeing what was under it, a part of me hoped it would've healed right now and nothing permanent was to be seen, but the medical part of my brain knew that couldn't be true.

Don't ever be ashamed of the scars life has left you with, the scar means the hurt is over and the wound is closed. It means you've conquered the pain, learned a lesson, grew stronger and moved forward. -A video I once saw a couple of years ago.

If that was true, then why do I feel like these scars are only reminders of the weakest points of my life. I don't feel like I've conquered the pain, rather the pain has conquered me. Why do I feel weaker when I should be feeling stronger?

Stop it Luna, stop being such a crybaby. There are people out there dying and you're crying over a few scars.

The voice in my head was right, there are people out there who have it way worse. I've seen it with my own eyes.

I closed my eyes, and built up the courage, and step by step I took off the bandage. I flinched when the last part came off, and counted to three before opening my eyes.

A sob escaped my lips, at the sight of the scar on the palm of my hand.

You're never going to be beautiful, only beautifully scarred.
Perfection is being flawless, and my body was a temple of flaws.

I took a deep breathe, feeling another tear escape my eyes.
"It's fine, I'm fine" I whispered, reassuring myself, like I always did.

"Ángel?" The voice caught me off guard, I didn't hear the door opening.
I wiped away my tears and turned around, facing Atlantis, or Xander.
"Ever heard of knocking?" I asked, knitting my brows at him.
"No" He replied, bluntly.
"You can't just walk in here like that, what if I was changing?!" I said, annoyingly.
"Then I would've hit jackpot" He replied, a smirk appearing on his face.
"Wipe that smirk off of your face, I wouldn't let you see me naked even if you were the last man on earth" I spat.

The smirk on his face did indeed disappear.

I wasn't usually this rude, but around him I felt like something possessed my body, negatively.

"You should watch that little mouth of yours ángel" He said, fully entering the room and closing the door behind him.
"Or what?" I challenged, regretting it the second it left my lips.

He started walking towards me, resulting in me standing up and hiding my arm behind my back.

"Or I'll have to make sure that pretty mouth is too full to be disrespecting me all the time"

"You're disgusting" I stated, taking a couple of steps back when he came closer.

I wanted to stand my ground, I really did but he was getting to close.
The night were we woke up on the sofa was, different. Weirdly, I felt comfortable enough which is weird, considering I haven't been able to be that close to someone of the opposite gender since that night. Years had went by since someone was that close to me without me reacting.

I think that's one of the reasons I felt betrayed when I found out who he really was, knowing the way his line of work is, he's probably the reason a lot of girls are like me when It comes to being close to someone.

"Stop" I said, when my back hit the wall and he kept on coming closer.
"Are you scared, ángel?" He was so close, way too close, I could feel my heart pounding. I looked at my hand and the trembling had started, I wasn't sure counting would be enough to stop it this time.

He started reaching for the arm that was behind my back, it felt like I was choking on air.
"You're too close" I whispered, "Please" I begged.

Shockingly, I felt his body back away and he wasn't as close anymore.
My breathe steadied, and I felt my pulse going back to normal.
I threw a glance on him, only making eye contact for a couple of seconds but these seconds were enough to see his eyes soften, he looked shocked..  but also hurt?

A part of me felt bad, I wanted to tell him that it wasn't personal, it wasn't his fault.
"You have five minutes to come down, don't make me come up again" He said coldly, and left before I could say anything.

This was going to be six long months.


Two chapters in one day !! This is a little bit shorter than usual, but I just wanted a chapter that gave a better picture of Luna, and her struggles. -YALW

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