Chapter thirty-one

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"Are you ready?" Bruno asked, grabbing my attention.

We were heading to the club, I haven't seen Xander after he stormed out the room earlier today.
I felt everything between frustration, confusion and mostly embarrassment.
Why did I do that? How could I in a moment like that give myself to him, and the worst part is that he didn't even want me. He made it so clear, I sat there looking stupid after he left.

I just wanted these months to go by faster, it's not too long now. After all of this is done, I'm going to disappear, move to Italy maybe and start a new life.

"Yes" I answered, as we made our way to the car.
Me, Pablo, Luca, Bruno and Alexa entered the car, still not Xander in sight. I wondered where he was, where he had gone, if he was angry, if he was keeping his promise. Did he even care enough to listen to me?

My eyes met Alexa's as I felt another wave of embarrassment hit me when I remembered our conversation from a couple days ago.

"What's going on?" I asked, as I tried to get my arm out of her grip. She was strong, way stronger than she looked.
She didn't stop until we were outside the club, "That tattoo, is it what I think it is?".
I looked away, I hated this feeling but I felt.. ashamed.

"Its-" I stopped, unsure of what to say, but by the look on her face she understood.
"Oh God, Luna" She said looking away, shaking her head. "I'm sorry".
I looked at her, as my head tilted in confusion, "for what?" I asked.
"For what happened at the club, I never knew." She stopped, "I know its hard to believe but I genuinely never meant for it to go that far, I only wanted to mess with you, scare you a little bit".

I gulped, unsure of what to respond.
Even if her intentions weren't for that to happen, in what world was it normal to drug someone? How was that okay to do, only to mess with someone.
"Why?" I asked.
She looked at me, "why what?"
"Why did you do it? You've been spiteful ever since we met and I don't understand why."

I've been genuinely wondering why she went that far, why she's had something against me ever since she laid eyes on me, and what I've done to get on her nerves.

She looked away, and it seemed like a hint of shame had crept on her face.
"It's not important" She answered, "why didn't you tell anyone when you saw me in the bathroom?".
I let out a sigh, my eyes softened as I answered, "it's not my story to tell" she seemed intrigued by my answer, "but if you ever want to talk about it, not as friends or anything, just as a fellow human being, I'm here".

Her eyes softened, and for the first time ever Alexa smiled to me.
"Thank you Luna" I smiled back, and turned around to walk to the car,
"The same goes to you" I stopped, only turning halfway before answering, "thank you Alexa."

We haven't spoken since then, even though the conversation went way better than expected, I hated the fact that I felt naked, like all my dirty secrets were out in the open.

"Vamos" Bruno smiled, as we exited the car and entered the club.
Music was blasting everywhere, and the name Romero was everywhere, it was one of the many clubs Xander owned.

Bruno and Alexa made their way to the dance floor, while Pablo and Luca went to the bar.
I stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do, feeling misplaced.
I wasn't a big drinker and considering how lightweight I was I tried my best to not drink much.

"Hermosa, come on, you're not going to stand there the whole day" Pablo said as he grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor.
He grabbed both of my arms and did his best to make me relax and fall into the music.
I laughed at his attempts, watching as he tried to dance while spinning me around.

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