Chapter two

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New York was one big city, a chaotic city. Yet the chaos was what made it so beautiful, the people roaming down the streets, strangers everywhere. Every single one of these people had their own story, isn't that such a weird thing to think about. Every stranger you pass has their own backstory, and a life with personalized troubles.

I was starting to get used to the smell of New York, the random people shouting at you and the chance of getting robbed at any moment. I did my best to stay out of the wild places, it was difficult though. Being new in a city is challenging, being new in a city and not knowing a single soul... now that's tough. Google has been my closest friend the past two weeks, alongside with Barszik of course.

"Any luck with the job searching?"

I looked my phone screen, Amelie has been calling me every single day since I left London, I wasn't sure if it was because she missed me or because she was afraid, I might do something stupid. Maybe a little bit of both, but I didn't really mind. It was getting lonely out here.

"I have a job interview tomorrow, actually." I answered, seeing her face drop the second she heard job interview.

"0h." She replied, looking away.

"You know, it's called facetime because I can see your face, and you're not doing a good job at hiding the disappointment" I laughed, Amelie didn't have single bad bone in her body, she was just disappointed because she hoped I would run out of luck and end up back in London, and go back to being roomies again. Although I missed her, and our late snacking that ended up with deep talks till 4 in the morning, there was no chance of me going back.

"Well duhh, that's the point" She answered, being her usual sassy self. "What job?" I can already imagine her face drop twice as hard as previously when I answer.

"Barista" I said, short and sweet.
"You're bloody joking with me Green" Yup, as I expected, her thick accent showed.
"I'm not"
"You don't even have any experience of being a barista" I narrowed my eyes at her, yes I do. Has she forgotten already?

"You were 15 it doesn't count for fuck's sake" I cringed at her choice of words.
"Stop cussing" I replied, trying to change the subject.
"You're a bloody surgeon, and you're expecting me to not cuss when you tell me you've decided to work as a barista instead? I should be taking the next flight to slap some sense into you"

I huffed, I wasn't in the mood to argue tonight, and I knew Amelie wasn't going down easy either. Usually, I would love me a good argument, but this time I was way too tired and had to wake up early for this job. I had to get this job.

"Do you... hear... that" I paused between each word, and started making sounds through the speakers of the phone, imitating paper.
"The.. line"

"Green stop, I know what you're doing, don't ev-"
"Can't. hear." I let my finger travel to the red call button and watched as the call ended.

I was getting tired, I had to get up early tomorrow, and my body couldn't keep awake much longer.




"You killed my son!"

My eyes shut open, meeting the dark ceiling. A sweat dropped ran down my forehead, while I was trying to steady my breathe. Another night, another nightmare.
Barszik must've noticed, because suddenly he was laying in my lap and cuddling into me. He wasn't the cuddly type of cat usually, but this was his way of showing me he was there. He wanted to calm me. My dear Barszik. What would I have done without him?

"It's fine buddy, I'm fine" I lied, dragging my fingers across his grey fur.

I glanced at my phone, 5:45. Perfect, just in time to catch the sun rise. Nothing could ever calm me as much as watching the sun rise. My job interview was at 7.30, which meant I had more than enough time to get ready.

I gently lifted Barszik and sat him on the other side of the bed.

"Wait here buddy, I'm just going to take a quick shower" I lied, knowing I never took any showers shorter than 20 minutes. By the look of Barszik, he knew too. I was a bad liar at best.
It took me one whole hour, to find the café that was supposed to be a 20-minute walk away. I guess there's no better way to say welcome to New York, than this. Luckily for me I was an early bird.

I can't lie, this area didn't exactly look like somewhere someone from the upper east would find themselves, but rather a teenager who wanted to buy some weed without getting busted.

"Hi, I'm here for a job interview" I said, seconds after entering the half empty café.

I really must stop judging so quick, it's Monday and the clock is 07.35, of course it's not going to be packed now.

"You're late" The woman behind the counter said, well hello to you too.
"Yes, sorry for that, I'm new here"
"Mhm, whatever you say sweetheart" I gave her an odd look, obviously taken back by her weird approach.
"Boss is right here" She pointed with her long acrylic nail at the middle-aged man sitting four tables away. He hadn't noticed me yet, by the looks of it.

"Thanks" I mumbled and made my way over to the boss.

The interview went as usually, why this job, how much can you work blablabla. Nothing special. After thirty minutes of interview talk, we were finally done.

"When can you start?" A smile appeared on my face.


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