Chapter fifty : the calm before the storm

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White snow crystals, bells hitting the wooden floors, the famous smell of hot chocolate lingering in the air and Feliz Navidad on repeat.
Its peaceful, and unlike all the previous years it warm, it's fucking Christmas.

I woke up to an empty bed last night, ready to search the whole house I made my way downstairs, stopping at the sight of the three only girls in the cabin staying awake all night to decorate the Christmas tree, I had no doubt it was my little angel's idea.

When I woke up today, the bed was empty again, but the warmth was still there.
I made my way down the stairs, and the sight of the girls gasping, and gushing satisfied me just as much as it satisfied the other guys. They were mad that we didn't help decorate the tree, but of course we were going to do something.

"When did that happen?" Amalie questioned, pointing at the gifts surrendering the entire tree.
So many gifts, they were straddled out the wooden floor.
"I have no idea, we've never had that many gifts before" Alexa answered.
It's true, usually when we celebrate, we don't really buy each other anything special, mostly something funny to mock each other, and the reason behind that was because we simply could just buy whatever we wished for ourselves. That was before.

"Santa clause!" Luna cheers, making me want to strangle Santa for doing nothing and still getting creds for my work.

I make my way to Luna and sneak my arms around her,
"Good morning, mi vida," I give her a peck on the cheek as she melts in my arms, "this is the second time I wake up without you next to me and I'm not a big fan."
"Good morning handsome" She whispers, turning around and giving me a quick kiss before she brushes my hands away.

Luna doesn't want us to be all over each other when Alexa's around.
She doesn't want to "hurt" her feelings, especially considering their last conversation and the fact that me and Alexa still haven't talked to each other. I love the way Luna is and how compassionate she is, but it's fucking stupid that I can't hold my own girl around people.

I sigh, "I guess I'll see you later."
She gives me a small apologetic nod and makes her way back to the girls.
"The hot chocolate!" They shout and run to the kitchen at the sound of something hitting the floor.

Bruno makes his way down the stairs, looking hangover.
"Damn, I missed out on Santa?" He mumbles, as he scratches the back of his head, barely awake.
We decided on letting him sleep in, he drank a lot as usual and slept like a cow.

Bruno always drinks a lot, I don't think he's gone a single day in his life without being slightly intoxicated or buzzed. I've tried to tell him that he has a problem, but he answers the same thing every single time, that he has it under control and I shouldn't be a buzzkill.
I guess maybe he has it a little bit more under control now, but it doesn't take much for him to return to his old ways and it took a lot of time to get him up on his  feet after last time. These last two days he's been drinking more than usual.

I shake my head at the sight of him,
messy hair and the same clothes as yesterday.
"Go change, we're going out to cut some wood for later today" He huffs but does as I say.

-------------------------------  // ------------------------

"Maldito" Luca curses, as we finish the last bit and start making our way to the cabin,
"I'm not doing this shit again." We all let out a chuckle at his sweaty state, you'd never imagine a mafia man cursing and getting all worked up because of some wood when his usual day consists of way worse work outs.

"I think I'll side with Luca on that one" Bruno breathes as we enter the cabin.
We all stop and look at each other as our noses take in the smell, "It smells fucking delicious"
"I'm starving"
"I forgot the smell of homemade Christmas food"
Everyone is throwing in comments, understandably considering that we never make food for Christmas and now the smell is lingering through the entire house.

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