Chapter twenty-four

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Accept – believe or come to recognize (a proposition) as valid or correct.

1 month down, 5 to go.

I've found myself in a state of acceptance, rather than fighting the situation I found myself in a month ago, I decided to accept it and let time do its magic.

As I sat here, brushing my long black hair I imagined how it would feel to be in France now, casually strolling down the beautiful streets and living in a small apartment I customized to be my own.

I've always wanted to travel to Nice,
it seemed like such a beautiful city, especially if you found yourself in away from the crowds and main attraction.

I always imagined how perfect it would be, to be proposed to there.

"Dinner is ready!" Maria's sweet voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

I put the brush inside the drawer and made my way down to the living room
My eyes landed on two unfamiliar men, they looked alike and shared some of the same features as Xander.

The first one had strong colored green eyes, brown hair and a mustache.
He was quite handsome.
The man next to him, which I would assume to be his brother had ocean blue eyes and the same hair but darker.
He wasn't so bad either.

It was like actors picked out to be in the mafia, surely not the first thing I imagined when the word mafia ran through my mind.

The first one turned around, and our eyes met, I didn't know if I should smile to be nice or if that would be weird.
Before I could make up my mind, he shot me a curious smile, and I replied with a smile back.

"You're new here" He said, making his way towards me, leaving the other one and Bruno.
"Hm" I said, "I've been here for a month but I've never seen you before, so I'd say that from my perspective you're the new one".

For some odd reason, I felt bold.

"Touché" He answered, flashing a smile and showing his perfectly straight teeth.
"I'm Pablo, Pablo Romero"
Romero. This only confirmed my thought of them being in the mafia.

If this conversation was set a couple of weeks ago, I'd be cutting the conversation short.
It wasn't though, and I had concluded that ignoring every single person in this line of work would be rather difficult considering I was in a house surrounded by them.

"Luna Green" I said, shaking his hand.
His head tilted to the side, as his eyes started analyzing me.
"You know, if you want to analyze me you should at least wait till I'm not looking"
He laughed, his laugh was deep and dark.

He radiated confidence,
"I couldn't help myself, usually a beautiful girl like you doesn't just appear out of the blue".
I wonder how often that line has worked for him. "What brings you here?" He asked.

I glanced over at Xander, and the second I saw him we locked eyes.
He was standing in the corner, phone in hand while Alexa stood next to him saying something he didn't seem to be focused enough to hear.

His lips were formed in a straight line, eyes were dull as they were set on us, and if he didn't look like that ninety percent of the time, I'd almost think he was annoyed.

"I'm the new doctor" I smiled, removing my eyes from Xander and looking at Pablo again.
His brows arched at my answer, "You look rather young to be a doctor".

If I got a penny each time, I've heard that sentence, I'd be travelling the world right now.

Before I could answer his question, Xander made his way to the head of the table and made it clear that dinner had started.
Bruno sat in his usual spot, and Alexa made her way to sit in the seat I had sat in the previous dinners, but Xander gave her a challenging look, resulting in her mumbling something under her breath and sitting on the other side of the table.

I took that as my cue to sit in the same seat and made my way over.
Pablo sat right next to me, and Xander knitted his brows in what seemed to be annoyance.
Someone was having a bad day.

"I've missed Marias homecooked meals" The blue eyed one spoke,
Bruno was stuffing his mouth as if he'd been starving for days, while Alexa barely touched the food and Xander was focused on his phone.
"You should try Luna's paella" Bruno said, shifting the attention to me.

An awkward smile appeared on my face,
"Luna you say?" He said, speaking to Bruno while looking at me.
"That's me" I answered, earning an eyeroll from Alexa as usual.

The blue eyed one nodded, but no answer came out he was just... looking.
It seemed like he was analyzing me too, but in a way less flirty way than his assumed brother.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" He interrogated, fixing on his glasses.

Pablo scoffed,
"Sorry for my brother" he said confirming that they were indeed brothers, "he lacks social skills".
I smiled, as I looked at him still analyzing me to see if I was some kind of threat.
"Its fine, nice to meet you nevertheless" I said, and shot a small smile at the blue eyed one, watching his facial expressions soften.

"Hm, you don't seem like you can do lots of harm" Blue eyes finally spoke, I didn't know if that was supposed to be a compliment or insult.
"Don't let looks fool ya" Alexa spoke, earning a glare from me, how old was she, twelve?

I ignored her, not wanting to make a scene in front of people.

"Considering that I'm here as a doctor, your statement is very accurate"
Blue eyes smiled at my comment, at least he had sense of humor.

"Nice to meet you then, doctor" he said reaching out his hand, "I'm Luca Romero, Pablo's twin".
They must be fraternal twins because they don't look like twins, even though they looked similar.

I shook his hand, and went back to eating as the conversation drifted.
"Paella huh?" Pablo questioned catching my attention, "you didn't tell me you were a good cook too?"
A smile appeared on my face, "The two minutes we spoke weren't really enough to go into details about my side hobbies" He chuckled.

"I'll take that as an invite for a longer conversation next time" He said.
He was charming, and although just like Bruno you could tell he had his way with the ladies, Bruno was more of a funny cheeky type, while Pablo radiated never been rejected before energy.

A scoff caught everyone's attention, and all eyes were on Xander.
"Stop fucking talking about stupid things and lets focus on more important things such as the set up that made us lose most of our men on this base" He spat, looking at everyone but giving me a feeling that this was mostly directed at mine and Pablo's conversation.

Alexa sighed,
"The Russians and Jamaicans got news about it, they're threatening to break the alliance if we don't get our shit together, we're no good to them if we can't have control over our own bases".

I feel like I really shouldn't be here right now, this isn't my area of expertise.

"Rumors on the street are saying that El Diablos are taking this as a sign of weakness, they're looking for every chance they can get to attack our upcoming shipment in Mexico" Bruno added, earning a scoff from Xander.
"They've tried before and they failed" Xander said, but judging by the look on his face, he didn't seem so sure they'd fail again.

Bruno placed his phone in front of Xander,
"They didn't have an alliance before" I'm pretty sure I was seeing flames in Xander's eyes at the sight of the logo placed in front of him, it looked like a snake with flames around it.

Pablo and Luca gave each other a look, it was like they could communicate through thoughts.
"We've been trying to hack into Lorenzo's system for months, but he knows all our tricks, he's almost thought of everything" Luca spoke, as a smirk appeared on his face.

I assumed, his sentence was going to be followed up with good news.

"We weren't able to hack into the system, but we did manage to hack into the phone of his most trusted soldier" Pablo said, placing a small paper in front of Xander, watching his eyes light up and a smirk following with a sentence.

"Pack up everyone" Xander smirked, "We're leaving to Mexico".

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