Chapter twenty

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It's been a whole week.

Seven days, of me giving Atlantis the silent treatment for what he did with Barszik.
I told him I was never going to speak to him again, and I haven't since that day, my mind has been filled with images of my poor Barszik.
He's probably so scared right now, God knows what they've done with him in Russia.

I stood here with Maria, making another Spanish dish, this time she was the one who decided what we were going to make.
"This is fun" I smiled, as I handed her the pepper.

"Si" She answered, while her hips swayed to Enrique Iglesias, she was the cutest human ever.

I found myself getting attached to Maria, and it made me sad because she meant something for me and the thought of me leaving her in a couple of months made me want to hug her and never let go.
I've never experienced how it was to have a grandma, not that I remember at least.

My smile vanished quickly when I saw Atlantis enter the kitchen.
"Hi Bruno" I smiled, when Bruno followed after, he responded with his usual charming smile and
"Hola hermosa" earning a glare followed by a scoff from Atlantis.

They both made their way over to Maria and gave her a kiss on each cheek, which made my heart melt. It was weird seeing such dangerous men, show affection.
If I didn't already know that Bruno was a part of the mafia I would've never guessed it, I would've thought he was a normal funny charming playboy.

I've spent some time with him this week, as he got injured while training and I was helping him recover.

I wanted to avoid a personal relationship with the people here, but I found myself breaking yet another promise.

"Has everything been good this week?" Atlantis asked looking at me, I gave him a nasty stare before turning away and ignoring him.

"Are you really going to ignore me forever, angel?"
"You're doing all this for that menace you call Barszik?"
Silence, followed with a scoff at his comment about Barszik.
"Really Luna, how old are you? Fucking five?"

Bruno chuckled at the one-sided conversation Atlantis was having with himself, only to find himself groaning in pain seconds later when he earned himself a punch in the gut for pissing off an already pissed Atlantis.

"Whatever" Atlantis spat, before making his way out only to stop and drag Bruno with him when he saw that he wasn't leaving.
"Bye Luna!" Bruno shouted, before I heard him groan in pain again.

I couldn't help but smile at how childish they were.

"You have to stop ignoring him Luna" Maria said, shaking her head in disapproval.
"But he gave away Barszik" I complained, it was a valid point, he had no right to do so.
Maria patted my back as a warm smile appeared on her face, "He's not a bad person".

I let out a sigh, my mind has been a mess and my heart has been torn between disliking him for everything he's done and the things he's associated with, and being grateful for what he's done for me.
"He saved you from a situation that could have gone very bad, querida" She's right, he did and honestly I never expected a man like him to do so.

"He did" I agreed, "I never thought he would do that, considering his work" I followed up with an honest thought.
Maria shook her head, "Xander would never let something like that happen to a woman".

Her words intrigued me, I wanted to know more about him, what he was like and if maybe I've been wrong. How could I be though?

"It's just hard to believe, considering the line of work he chose for himself" I know money can make people do crazy things, and power leads to sickness, but I could never do what they do to achieve that.
"He didn't choose it dear, he was born in it"

That sentence replayed in my head,
I never considered the fact that this has been going on for generations in the Romero family, and the fact that you could indeed get born in it and it would be hard to leave.

A pit formed in my stomach, at the thought that I may have judged him too fast.
I've always seen the best in people, even making excuses for their behavior when they did something bad because I wanted to hold onto the thought that everyone had something good in them. I treated others, the way I wished I got treated and for me, that was my best quality.

When it came to Atlantis though, my mind did the opposite, for some reason I wanted to see the worst in him.

I wanted to ask Maria more about him, his past and his family but I decided that I shouldn't, at least for now.

I entered the living room and placed the food on the table.

Bruno and Atlantis were in the office, I thought about telling them that the food is ready but when I heard Atlantis speaking on the phone with someone called Ivan, telling him he needed the gift back and Bruno complaining about some flight and how long it would take, I decided to let them finish their business.

I finished eating and made my way to the bedroom, before stopping in front of Atlantis' door when I saw that it wasn't locked.
Everyone was downstairs, and I couldn't help but think, If I searched his room and found a phone to call the police, would it get me free and at the same time stop Amelie from getting harmed?

Would I be able to do that? What about Maria, what would happen to her?
If I told the police that she didn't do anything other than her job, they would probably let her go right? This was my one chance.

Before I could give it more thought, I was suddenly inside the room.
It was just like I had imagined, all black. Even the huge king-sized bed had black satin sheets.
The room was honestly very well designed, the bed was facing a wall that was covered of huge windows looking out. Wooden bed side tables were on each side of the bed, and over the bed was a bookshelf.

I had to stop myself from analyzing the room, before I ran out of time and got caught.
After opening every single drawer, I finally found a burner phone in the third drawer.

It felt like I had lost control over my body, as I watched my fingers click on the buttons forming 911.
I was only one click away from freedom, but for some reason my body stopped there.
That one click seemed to be way more difficult than I thought.

I hated myself for hesitating, for giving it a second thought when this should be the easiest decision.
A small part of me hoped that maybe, just maybe there was some good left in Atlantis, and he only needed a second chance.
I couldn't let my judgment of him, and the feeling of betrayal I felt ruin every one that lived here.

A sigh escaped my lips as I stood there glaring at the phone, and the three numbers.

I couldn't do it.

"What the fuck are you doing"


I feel my heart melt everytime you guys tell me that you like the way I write, its the best compliment an author can get❤️🥹

English is also my third language so i'm sorry for the spelling mistakes, i'm gonna edit most of the chapters soon and fix it.

Ps. I've seen the comments on Luna's medusa tattoo. I hope you guys are doing well and that the struggles i've been writing about from Luna's character dont trigger something, its just that this happens way too much to way too many people who don't deserve it and therefor I wanted the character to show the struggles after something so traumatic. How someone can look so fine on the outside, yet struggle so much in private.
Thats why Luna's character sentence is «dont judge a book by the cover»

With that being said, if you guys are ever struggling or going through something like that (or something else) my dms are always open, dont hesitate ❤️ I answer as fast as I see the message, sometimes I may be busy but I promise to answer when I can.

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