Chapter forty-one

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Excitement, nervousness and happiness.

Three words that sum up what I'm feeling right now as I'm waiting to see my best friend that I haven't seen in way too long.

As I sat in the car and waited with Bruno, a hundred questions went through my mind.
- how do I tell Amalie that I wasn't building schools, I was playing doctor for a man that I saved a couple of months ago that came back and kidnapped me and that I'm now in love with.
- how do I tell Amalie that I've lost my "virginity"

"Nervous?" Bruno asked, as he looked at my hands that were literally shaking excitement,
"Maybe a little bit" I grinned as I had my eyes glued on the airport.
"If she's ho-"
"No." I gave him a stern look, "whatever she's probably not my type." He rolled his eyes.

Xander had to deal with some stuff with the company today, so he sent me here with his private chauffeur and Bruno... and the two cars behind us full of guards.
Knowing Bruno, he's going to try to find his way inside Amelie's pants before she has the chance to say hi.

I looked out the window and my eyes landed on her, finally.
I exited the car and hugged my best friend, "I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH"
We both squealed like little girls as we jumped around hugging.

After a couple of seconds with hugging and screaming to each other while people looked at us as if we were crazy, I let the chauffeur help Amalie with her luggage and watched as she was about to enter the car to meet Bruno.

"Amalie, this is-"
I watched as his eyes widened and they looked at each other for a second and before I could ask how they knew each other she leaped, and I mean fully lunged at him as they tackled each other.

"What the hell is going on!" I shouted, as I tried to stop them but when they both pulled own a weapon my eyes widened in shock, Bruno had a knife pressed against her head while she had a knife right on his trachea, one slice and he's as good as dead.

I was too stunned to speak as I watched, I've never in my years of knowing Amalie seen her fight like that, she knew exactly how to put him down, and the knife, why did she bring a knife?!

"Lower the fucking knife Walker" Bruno spat, calling her by her last name.
A smirk crept up on her face. "One movement and you're dead Rodriguez, If I was you I'd put the gun down."

Oh God.
I flinched myself to make sure I wasn't seeing things and when I snapped out of it, I entered the van and dragged Amalie off of Bruno, "no one is dying, what the hell are you guys doing!" I shouted.

"Luna step behind me, I don't know who that lying slod has tricked you into thinking he is but he's not a person you should be around" She spat, as she tried to cover me but I kept standing between them so no one ended up dead.

"You're one to talk sweetheart" He spat back, muttering something about wishing he saw the tape before giving it to Xander, I'll assume he was referring to the video of Amalie used to threaten me.
"How do you guys know each other?!"

They both looked at each other in disgust before turning to me, "tell her how we know each other Amalie" He said, smirking as if he had the upper hand now.
"It doesn't matter Luna, he's dangerous, you shouldn't be here."

My head was spinning as I turned around and looked at Amalie, "I know who he is Amalie, right now I'm wondering who you are?"
Her face dropped at the mention of me knowing Bruno.

The doors to the van closed as I got Amalie to sit down, making sure I sat right next to her so she didn't lunge at Bruno again while the driver started the car.
"I may have held some information back when we met" Amalie let out, talking to me but glancing at Bruno every now and then to make sure he didn't do something.

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