Chapter seventeen

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I decided to get up from bed, after shifting from side to side for the last five hours.
I couldn't sleep, partly because I wasn't tried, mostly because I dreaded the day, I was going to wake up to. Atlantis was determined on bringing me to the nightclub, for some odd reason.
I had a bad feeling about all of this.

The house was so dark, and empty.
I'm guessing the alarms were on, and the guards stood outside. I couldn't begin to imagine how boring it must be to be a guard, all you do is stand all day long in silence.

I drank my glass of water, and washed the cup before putting it back in place.
A glance on the clock on my wrist showed me the time, 5.34.
It was perfect, just enough time for me to watch the sunrise. I let my feet guide me as I wandered around, trying to find the perfect spot since the sunrise. It calmed me.

I could've gone to my room, the windows there were amazing, but they pointed at the garden and the sunrise was on the other side.
Suddenly I remembered the library, the one side of the walls was covered in huge windows.

I made my way, and entered slowly but surely, hoping I wouldn't make a sound and end up getting myself killed.
"Wow" I let out, amazed by the view.

Just like I thought, it looked breathtaking, and I could already feel my body relax.

Nothing could explain how much I loved sunrise.
I stood there for a couple of minutes admiring the view.

"Big fan of sunrise?"

I jumped, as the voice startled me.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, feeling my body tense up again.
"What I'm doing in my own library?" Atlantis replied, lifting his eyebrow.

He was still in his suit, from yesterday which means that he hasn't even gone to sleep.
"You know what I mean, Atlantis" I remarked, not in the mood for chit chat.
I really hated the way I automatically became ruder in his presence, I felt viler and negative which annoyed me.

"It's very late, why aren't you asleep?" I asked, trying to sound less rude.

He huffed, as he turned around and started looking at the sunrise.
"Big fan of sunrise?" He asked again, ignoring my question.
I shook my head, "You can't ignore every question you don't like".

He turned around and faced me again, the library was very dark, the only light was coming from the windows, and the pinkish sky was shining on him.
His eyes were puffy, and eyebags were forming under his eyes making it clear that his lack of sleep was showing.
"I don't like the things I see when I sleep, therefor I prefer to be awake when I can"

Honestly, I didn't expect him to answer.
I don't know what I felt about his answer either, it was vague but just enough to answer my question, he was having nightmares.
I felt the strong urge to tell him that he wasn't alone, that it'll be okay but I didn't. I couldn't.
So instead, I changed the subject. "This is from you right?" I asked, raising my arm so he could see the green satin covering the lower half of my hand.

Only for a second a small smile appeared on his face, confirming my thought.
"You shouldn't be giving gifts to other girls when you're in a relationship" It slipped out my mouth, I didn't know why I even cared what he did, but I guess I wanted to show that even though he wasn't loyal, it wasn't me he was going to be disloyal with.

His eyes met mine, and confusion was written all over them.
"Alexandra" I said shortly, earning a huffing sound from him.
"Alexa isn't my girlfriend" He answered, with no expression, what was she then? I didn't want to ask more, because then I would seem interested in his life, and I had no interest in that.

"Hm" I let out, "either way, thank you" I did my best to form a smile on my face while not looking at him.
I turned around to make my way out until his voice stopped me, "You never answered the question".

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