Chapter twenty-seven

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"Yes" I challenged.

It's been five minutes since the sentence left my mouth, and although I knew this wasn't something I should've said, I wasn't going to back down now. Especially not after the conversation with Xander.

"Wait Luna, are you sure about this?" Bruno asked, "this could turn ugly".
Xander walked closer, and was now standing a couple of inches away from me.
"There's nothing to be fucking sure of, she's not going"

I took a deep breath, gathering all my strength to control myself as I ignore him.
"I'm very sure" I said, looking at everyone else but Xander.
"Hm, I might have been wrong about you earlier" Luca said, as a smile rose on his face.

"I'm not going to harm anyone, and neither be the reason that anyone gets killed, that's my only condition" I said, watching as confusion rose on their faces.

I took a seat next to Pablo,
"You guys said that he had important information, you can interrogate him as much as you want but If you're going to kill him then I want no part in it"
They looked at each other, looking for confirmation.

"I say yes" Bruno finally spoke, breaking the silence.
Everyone nodded except Xander, and they were all looking at him now.
"No." He said sternly.

I stood up, and walked over to him only stopping inches away.
"Why not? This is strictly business right?" I challenged, "and there's no better opportunity than this".
I watched as his gaze hardened, he couldn't come up with any excuses that would be good enough.

"I agree with Luna, if she wants too and it helps us catch Guzman without starting a bloodshed then why not" Bruno spoke, earning a death glare from Xander.
"She doesn't fucking know anything about this, how is she supposed to go into a club full of blood thirsty men that it'll kill her the second they know what she's up to" He argued.

Pablo stood up, and joined the conversation,
"We'll be there, and make sure they don't".
I've heard their conversation earlier, and they were going to be at the club, they just had to keep a low profile so they didn't catch any attention.
The man they wanted was going to be in the VIP room and he wont be seeing them.

"It doesn't change the fact that she has no idea what to do, what is she supposed to fucking do at a strip club?" Xander spat, showing he wasn't going to go down easy.
A smirk appeared on my face, and even though I had promised myself that this was something I'd never bring up again, ever, I found myself breaking another promise thanks to Xander Romero.

"Seems like your folder didn't give you every single detail about my life"

Xander's eyes met mine, and if eyes could speak he was telling me that another word from my mouth would get me killed.
"Do you have any experience that'll help?" Alexa spoke, she looked unsure of which side to take.
"I do." I said, keeping it short.
"If you know the basics, I'll teach you the rest to get you ready" She said, a small smile was about to form on my face but I stopped myself as I remembered the night at the club.

"Well" Bruno spoke, catching our attention as a grin formed on his face, "I think we just found our solution. What do you say amigo?"
All eyes turned to Xander, and with this much pressure from everyone he couldn't say no unless he wanted to explain why.

"Alexa you're going to teach her every single thing she needs to know" He finally decided after seconds of silence, earning a nod. "And something happens, her life is on you" he said looking at all of them before leaving the room.

"Luna you fucking g" Bruno said, putting his arm around me and cheering like a little kid.
Luca and Pablo smiled, and threw in some comments about how they'll make sure everything's under control.

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