Chapter fifty-two

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Anger, pure anger is running through my veins.
My blood is black, and I feel like burning down, watch flames erupt everywhere so the world can feel what I've felt for way too long.

"Go to our room Luna" I say in a low tone, entering the house.
My eyes are dark as I look at the men in my living room, the useless men who had one job and couldn't even do that. The rage inside of me is telling me to put a bullet through every one of their heads. Luna doesn't move, she looks at them, confusion striking in her eyes.

I let out a sigh, she turns around and looks at me again. Thankfully she understands my expression and leaves without asking questions. My eyes follow her until she's out of the picture, giving me the space, I need to punch down the closest man.
"How the fuck could you be so fucking clueless" I throw another jab, but the anger in me isn't gone yet. "P-patron, we didn't know"

"You didn't know? You didn't fucking know? Your job is to fucking know" I spit.

I stand up and look at them, waiting on one to talk.
"One more second of silence and I'll put a bullet through every fucking one of you"
They gulp and look at each other before one dares to speak, "Patron. We've done our best, you were gone for weeks and that got out, they took it as an invitation."
I let out a laugh, a whole bodied laugh. "So you're saying it's my fault?"

He looks like he's about to piss himself, and I'm about to make sure he fucking does.
"Come closer, come and say it straight to my fucking face" I smile, watching as he keeps his face straight but the drop of sweat falling down from his forehead telling everything there is to know.
"I said come fucking closer" My voice is low, calm and deadly. I rarely shout, but me shouting is way better than my tone right now.

"Patron" Martinez speaks, my highest in command over the soldiers. "It isn't their fault, no one was expecting it. The meeting was set for next week, we never expected them to play dirty."
"He's a fucking Romero, of course he plays dirty." I spit, stating the obvious.

Before Martinez has the chance to answer, the door opens and Alexa runs in with Pablo and Luca behind her, "Xander" she says in relief.

"We have to find him, before it's too late." I cringe at her words, before it's too late.
I look at Pablo and Luca, expecting news from the considering they were the ones who told me.
"We're working on it but Lorenzo has upped his system, he's learned."

I'm going to find him, and I'm going to make him pay for every fucking thing he's done.
I did a mistake by not killing him every time I had the chance, I made a mistake by thinking my older brother was still in there somewhere, I made a mistake when I forgot that my older brother's soul died at the age of thirteen.

He tried to kill me, he's stolen my men and he made sure to hurt me every chance he's got.
He took my girl, he made me surrender and take his beatings gladly as long as she wasn't hurt.
And now he's played dirtier than ever by taking Bruno one fucking week before the meeting that was going to settle everything down. I've always been sure that I was going to be the one who didn't make it out, but this only makes it clear that he's even more unsure than I was. He's weak. A fucking traitor and a coward.

My phone goes off before I have the chance to think, a message by the devil himself.
Hermano: Better hurry up little brother, doesn't seem like your friend can hold on any longer.

I look at the video he attached to it, and my eyes meet the sore sight of my bestfriend looking like a bloody mess. Lorenzo has always been known for his torture methods, he made sure that we felt them too.
"Oh God" Alexa lets out when her eyes meet the screen, "what have they done to him."
"Hijo de puta, I'm going to fucking kill him!" Pablo shouts.

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