Chapter forty-three

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It's been three days since Alexa came in and saw me and Xander.
Which means I've been texting her for three days, trying my best to get her to speak to me so we could figure things out.
Which also means that I've been getting ignored for three whole days.

"Come on, cheer up!" Amalie said, giving me another push as she tried yet again to lure a smile out from me, "It's not your fault that you were having sex with your boyfriend and this Alexa girl decided to barge in as if she owned the place, if she considered knocking, she would've spared herself the sore sight."

I let out a sigh, the lack of knocking isn't the biggest issue in this situation.
Alexa and I were finally on good terms, and we had fun together, I should've told her about me and Xander instead of her discovering it like that.

"But she's probably sad right now, and I don't want to be the reason behind it"
"My sweet Luna" Amalie said, putting her arms around me, "you can't please everyone."
She's right. I can't please everyone, although that doesn't mean that I must hurt someone either.
"You're right I guess"
"I'm always right" Amalie grinned.

I didn't want to use our last days sulking, especially when Amalie was leaving soon.
"What do you want to do today?" I asked, changing the subject.
Amalie's grin widened, "hmm, I say we drink."
I shook my head at her, a night drinking with Amalie is a night where you push every limit there is.

"I'm in" Bruno cheered, making his way down from his room.
I expected a snarky comment from Amalie but instead she said nothing, and if I didn't know her better I'd almost say her cheeks were getting rosy and not from the blush she was wearing.
Ever since her and Bruno came back three days ago they've been weird.

No snarky comments, no physical fights and no attacking each other.

"If that's fine by Amalie, its fine by me."
A small awkward smile pulled on Amalie's lips, "sure."
Just as Xander made his way downstairs, Bruno cheered and put his arms around him.
"We're having a party today amigo"
Xander shrugged and muttered "whatever" before making his way to the kitchen without another word.

He's been weird these last days, distant and moody all the time.
I've tried to ask him what's wrong but he just shrugs it off and says nothing or gets annoyed.

I nod to Amalie before making my way to the kitchen,
"Good morning to you too" I said, watching as he poured himself some coffee.
"Good morning." He muttered, without looking at me.
I let out an annoyed huff to make it clear that his attitude, or lack of one was bothering me.

"If there's something on your mind say it, instead of huffing like a child."

Now he's just being plain rude, "I'm not a child, and there is something bothering me."
I made my way around the isle and stood next to him so he couldn't ignore my presence.
"Why are you so distant?" I asked, cutting to the chase.
"I'm not." Stubborn.
"You are."
"Don't tell me what I am and aren't." He snaps.

I look at him for a second before I shake my head, "Can you stop being mean? I'm telling you what's bothering me and instead you're just twisting it and giving me more attitude!"
He rolls his eyes as a sarcastic laugh escapes his lips,
"I'm giving you attitude? Maybe you should grow the fuck up Luna and learn how to take an answer and stop nagging all the fucking time"

His words are harsh and cold, and he's being annoyingly arrogant.
"Three" I say the safe word,
"three?" He repeats and looks at me as if I'm speaking another language.
"That's our safe word, right? Right now, you're hurting me, and I want you to stop it."

He just looks at me, his eyes are dark and blank holding no emotions.
I look at him before letting my eyes face the floor instead as I take his silence for an answer and turn around to leave, until he grabs my arm and spins me around again, so my face is buried in his chest.

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