Chapter eleven

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Anger, it's such a strong feeling and right now it elevated in my body.
She wanted to fucking kill herself, she was going to die, and she accepted it just like that.
If I hadn't been there, the only thing left would've been her ashes. I hate weak people, that take the easy way out, and that's exactly what she was trying to do.

All this anger, and I had no idea where to direct it, for now I chose to direct it at her.
I chose to direct it at her for being weak, for trying to leave, choosing the easy way.
But mostly, I wanted to kill everyone who had made her get to that point.
I couldn't though, because if the reason was her parents, then it was too late rather way.

"Patron, I suggest you go easy, the smoke is still in your body" I shot a glare at my doctor, throwing another punch at the boxing bag in front of me, in other words the man who owed me money.
"I suggest you shut the fuck up" I said, throwing another punch, while Bruno sat there watching with satisfaction.
"Ay, amigo, when is It going to be my turn?" He asked, ignoring the begging coming out from the man tied to the chair in front of us.

I let out a deep breathe, this wasn't satisfying me enough. The rage had conquered my body, and it refused to leave, not before I had her here, in front of me.
I knew I couldn't just bring her out of nowhere, it would look weird, it is weird.
My anger only grew wider when I thought of her, I was seeing her everywhere and it made me angry, because I didn't understand why.

I can still see her lifeless body lying on the operating room, while the doctor did his best to make sure she survived, partly because his job was to save people but mostly because I had my gun directed at him the whole surgery, making sure to remind him that if she died, so would his entire family.

I honestly don't give a fuck about her, at least that's what ive convinced myself.
I just wanted one thing, her secrets and her innocence, because that's just the type of man I am. A man build of hatred, If I saw something good, everything in me begged to destroy it and she, she was way too good.

"Finish him off" I said, earning a smirk from Bruno.
"You got it, Patron"

I gave the doctor a nod, meaning follow me, and started heading out of the warehouse.
After a five-minute walk filled with silence we were finally outside.
"Do you have any children?" I asked, needed to know if I'd have to send money or not when I was done here, after all I still had some manners.
"No, patron" A smirk made its way on my face.
"Bueno" I said, smirking at the fact that he at least saved me a couple of millions.

I pulled up my gun and before he could have the time to react, a bullet was placed in his heart.

"Xander? What the fuck did you do?" I turned my head, Bruno must've rushed out when he heard the gunshot.
"I shot him" I said, with a blank expression.
"Mierda" he cursed, "I'm not blind for fucks sake, he's the best doctor we've had and the most trusted on"
He wasn't lying, we've had to kill multiple doctors in the past for being traitors, and this one has been with us for five years, he proved and earned his trust. Now he's just become a liability.
"Tranquilo" I placed my hand on his shoulder, I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face. "I've already found our next doctor"


Excitement in my body, and adrenaline pumping in blood, I stared at the moon before making my way inside. I hate hospitals. They're so grimy and have such a strong smell.
"Bruno go fuck the night watch or some shit, just keep them occupied" I said, my eyes searching for room 205.
"You don't have to ask me twice" With that he disappeared, pendejo.

I walked for another three minutes, disgust on my face each time the smell of death hits me. I hate how white this place is, consider getting some fucking colors, not everyone wants to be blinded before death.

Finally, my eyes landed on the door, that had 205 written on it, and I entered.


She was sleeping, her eyes were stirring in her sleep and a small drop of sweat fell from her forehead. My angel was having a nightmare.
"I didn't mean to, I'm sorry" She was mumbling, I stepped closer and watched her. I was about to place my hand on her cheek until the devil creature on the other side made itself clear by throwing aggressive meows. Fucking Barszik.

I took a couple steps back, when I realized that my body was starting to get itchy.
"Shut the fuck up" I spat, at the cat who was growling at me and giving me deadly glares. Annoying little shit. Who even likes cats, they're fucking useless.

I didn't want to wake her up, but I couldn't get near her without that menace making my allergy act up. I had to call Bruno, so he could put the cat in the cage.
I dialed, and pressed call only for it to decline after one ring. I'm gonna kill him.
After two new tries he finally picked up.

"Why the fuck aren't you answering" I growled, but I realized why when I heard moans in the background.
"Estoy ocupado" I'm busy. Another moan in the background, is he fucking while talking to me.
"If you're not here in the next five seconds, I'm going to cut your three inch dick off and feed it to Diego" Diego was our main dog guard.
"You're a fucking cockblock Romero" Was the last thing I heard before ending the call.

Seconds later Bruno was in front of me, I looked at him and then at his pants.
"Zip up your pants you fucking moron"
He did as he was told, and his eyes glanced at Luna then at me standing on the other side of the room in the corner.
"I'm confused" He said, switching between looking at me and then her until his eyes met the grey fur on the bed. The little shit was wagging its tail in amusement, making me more annoyed.

Bruno started laughing when he realized it was the reason I was cornered, and couldn't move closer.
"Imagine getting cornered by a cat" He said while laughing, I looked at Luna, she was waking up.
"You fucking idiot, you woke her up" I said, giving him a dead glare while I took out the cloth in my pocket. "Take the cat and place it inside the cage"

He grabbed the cat, and amusement rose on my face as I watched it lost the smug look it had when he placed in the cage. "It fucking scratched me" He groaned.

"Whats going on?" A soft voice spoke, both of our eyes landed on Luna that was blinking her eyes, trying to focus on what was in front of her. I made my way to the bed and a dark smile appeared on my face.

"Go to sleep, we have a long way home, ángel" And with that, I placed the cloth over her nose.

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