Chapter thirty-eight

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Ethereal – something beyond this world, heaven or universe.

These last days with Xander have been nothing less than ethereal.
We've been in the penthouse the whole weekend, and it's all been a state of perfection, I feel myself falling for him more and more.

These days have consisted of us staying up all night talking about nothing and everything, good food, relaxation and a whole lot of sex.
God, this man was something else in bed.

He was so gentle, caring and careful.
But he was also rough, dominating and possessive, taking all control there was to take.

Even though it was all perfect, he was holding back, and I can't lie, a part of me wanted to see his wild(er) side, the side that wasn't scared of ripping every single piece of me apart in pleasure.
He keeps on telling me that he likes the way we're going now, but I know that there's more he wants to do that he's just scared of doing to me, I guess I'd just have to get on the right nerves until he had no more control.

"Here you go beautiful." He said, as he entered the room.
Xander hasn't let me leave this bed for any other reason than one, pee and two, shower these last days.
He's even gotten his maid to come to work just to make breakfast and leave again.
And honestly, I didn't even want to try to walk right now, I was so sore, and I had a feeling that walking wasn't going to be fun.

"Thank you" I said as I gave him a peck on the cheek.
I wanted to stay here forever, just like this, but the weekend was over, and we had to go back soon.

Xander had to go to his office in Manhattan and take care of some business soon and if we stayed any longer, the others would start to worry considering he turned his phone on today and it had loads of calls and messages, none of them he had answered.

"What are you thinking of angel?" He asked, as his warm eyes looked into mine.
I smiled and laid down on his chest after I put the plate on the floor. "You, and how good these last two days have been."

He put his arm around me and snuggled me closer, "we can stay longer if you want."
"No, you have work" I answered, I didn't want him to be careless when it came to his business, he owns a real estate company with hundreds of clubs and apartment complexes, it was nice to know he could have a normal job. "Fuck work"

He put himself on top of me, "I'd rather do this instead."
It didn't take long for him to throw my underwear on the floor and welcome himself inside me.
I would never get tired of this, him.

"Xander" I said, my eyes meeting his, "don't hold back."

A groan left his lips, "you don't know what you're doing to me."
He pulled out and then pushed all in with no warning, causing my eyes to roll back.
"F-faster" I could barely get the words out as he picked up the pace, and I could feel myself closer.

His phone started ringing, and he was about to turn it off but answered when he saw the name.
Did he just answer his phone while inside me? His strokes slowed, as he placed a finger on my lips signaling that I can't make a sound.

"This better be important" He, said, still inside me. "I'm coming to the office later today"
He kept on talking, and now he had completely stopped thrusting but kept his place inside me as if I was a shelter he could wait inside.

"Xander" I whispered, his finger still on my mouth. "I'm still here and you're still inside me!" I whisper shouted again, he only gave me a quick look, fully focused on what a Ronald was saying.
That's what he wants to do? We'll see about that.

I opened my mouth slightly and  put my lips around his finger, sucking slowly.
"Fuck me" He groaned at the sight as his attention turned to me, "no not you Ronald, for fuck's sake."
He gave me a warning look, as he turned on mute "behave."

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