Chapter twenty-two

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My eyes fluttered open, confusion hitting when the first thing I saw was the big windows on the wall and I started wondering if I was dreaming when I saw how dark it was getting outside.

My eyes met the little black wooden clock on the bedtable next to me, I widened my eyes in shock at the fact that I've been asleep for sixteen hours.
I've never slept so much, my entire life.

I didn't need a mirror to realize how puffy my eyes are,
only when I felt the black silky soft sheets I remembered what happened yesterday.
I closed my eyes, suppressing the feeling of embarrassment that rushed over me when I realized how vulnerable I must've looked in front of Xander.

I hadn't turned around yet, and I didn't know if I was hoping my eyes would meet him when I turned or an empty space.
Building up courage as I shifted positions, my eyes met an empty space and I couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed that he'd left again, leaving my alone and in silence.

Only when I heard the familiar voice in the bathroom, cursing and yelling something between the lines "Stop fucking scratching me"
I realized that he was there, he didn't leave me.

I sat up, unsure if I should say something or not, but I decided that I'd rather stand up and go see what was going on.

I took a couple of light steps towards the cursing, trying to not startle him as I saw the door open.
The sight that hit my eyes, made me pinch myself to be sure that I wasn't in fact dreaming.

Xander sat in front of the round bath, holding my Barszik as he tried to shower him while Barszik was growling at him, a look of hate and annoyance plastered on his little face.
"Fucking Russians, you reek of vodka what the fuck did they do" Xander spat in annoyance.

I realized that I was In fact no dreaming, I had pinched myself enough times to be sure now.
"Barszik!" A shriek escaped my lips, catching Xander off guard, while Barszik took the first chance he could get to escape Xander and run over to me.

I lifted him up and held him tight, not a single part of me caring how wet I was getting.

"You're back baby" I smiled, I couldn't describe the feeling I felt seeing Barszik again.
He wasn't hurt, he hadn't been harmed and apart from the strong alcohol smell leaving his fur, he was still the same Barszik. My Barszik.

"Um, I tried to get the smell away but he was being difficult" Xander said, my eyes landed at all the scratches on his arm, ouch.
"How did you get him back?" I asked, feeling my smile tone down as my eyes met his.
"It doesn't matter, but he's all yours" He answered, breaking contact as if looking in my eyes for long would turn him into stone.

"Your allergy?" I questioned, still not letting go of Barszik.
"Allergy pills" He admitted, the same stubborn man who'd rather sit for hours scratching and sneezing instead of taking an allergy pill when he was in my apartment.

My eyes found themselves on Barszik again,
familiarity hit, and I finally felt like home again when I had him in my arms. The only thing I could save from the fire in what used to be, my apartment.

I turned around to make my way out, but stopped at the door before exiting.
"Thank you" I said, before making my way out right away.

Entering my room, I placed Barszik on the bed after putting a towel so he wouldn't make the entire thing wet.
I sat next to him, my hand running through his fur as I asked,

"My sweet Barszik, did Russia treat you good?" If my reading cat expression wasn't bad, I'd say a hint of pleasure and a smirk had formed on his face.

I was happy to see that nothing bad had happened to him, I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that I got him into this if they had hurt him.

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