Chapter twenty-five

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"How long" I asked, earning a glare from Xander.
"How many fucking times are you going to ask that?" He replied, in annoyance.
I rolled my eyes at him but he was too busy glaring at his phone to notice.

"I've only asked three times, and unless you want to buy me a phone you have to keep me updated on the time" I responded, giving him a water clear fake smile.

"Four hours" He groaned, in defeat.

2 Luna, 0 Xander.

"And you've asked five times not three" Was he really keeping count?
"Who's fault is it that I'm here?" I replied, getting silence in return because he knew I was right.

We argued the whole day yesterday.

"I'm not coming!" I spat,
"I didn't fucking ask" He spat back, as the annoying stubborn person he is.

I refused to join them in Mexico, I literally had nothing to do there, and I was very much comfortable here out of mafia danger.

"You don't get to decide if I'm coming or not" I replied, making it clear that he had no power over me.
"If that makes you sleep at night so be it, but we both know that's not true, angel"
He was getting on every single nerve I had.

And as I thought it couldn't get worse, a maid came in and he told her to go pack my bags.
"Xander stop, why do you want me there? I have no business there" I argued.
Arguing with Xander, was like arguing with a wall.

Silence filled the air, as he searched for an answer.
"Well, you're the doctor, what if someone gets hurt?" Really.
That's the argument he's going with?

"You know that theres plently of doctors in Mexico right? That are far more experienced than me may I add"

He rolled his eyes and ignored my response.
"Xander, please" I continued, not giving up,
"Theres many of us, and I can't sit in a small car for so many hours, the small space makes it feel like I cant breathe" I pleaded.

He turned around looking at me, as if he was thinking about it.
"I don't give a fuck, you're coming, no more discussing" He said, ending the conversation as.

I gave him an angry look, and stormed out.
I don't care what he says, I'm NOT going.

At least that's what I thought, before he walked into my room the next day telling me that we have to leave and then proceeding to throw me over his shoulders when I denied.

I looked around, and a smile formed on my face as boredom had struck and everyone was sleeping so the only person I could annoy was Xander.
"I thought you didn't care by the way?" I said, with a sheepish smile.

He scoffed, as he finally put down his phone.
"What now?"
"You said, and I quote I don't give a f word when I told you that I couldn't sit in a car for too long" I let my eyes travel in the bus before I continued, "But you rented a whole bus? Doesn't sound like not caring if you ask me".

My smile only grew wider as I saw him knitting his brows,
"Good thing nobody fucking asked you" Grumpy much.
"Ouch" I answered, watching as he rolled his eyes for the hundred time the last hour.

"Why aren't you asleep?" He asked,
"Why aren't you?" I asked back annoying him even more, he hated when I answered a question with another one.

"You're fucking annoying, do you know that?"
"No not really, you just lack humor" I said
"If that's your humor, then I see why you've been single your entire life" He replied, making my jaw drop at his insult.

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