Editing the story

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Hi guys <3
I'm going to start editing this story soon, spelling mistakes, grammar in general and maybe some small changes in parts I want written differently - I wont change the story that much, it'll be the same events but maybe just written different and small details added.

I want you guys to tell me what you liked the most if you remember <3 Are there anything you'd want to see more of?

Do you have any tips or feedback about something you wished was different? With the characters or events. Anything (please give genuine comments and not anything rude)

If you don't want to comment then you're welcome to dm me❤️

Although I'm working on accepting all feedback, good and bad I really suck at accepting the bad ones bc I feel like some readers are too young -example: the ones that comment «cringe» at everything, come on guys😭

I even saw one comment saying that this story is mad dramatic when Luna was talking about her scars. Please keep in mind that i've written some parts extremely detailed because there's people out there who struggle with stuff like this❤️ it may sound overdramatic to you but for some people it's a lot too handle. But I WILL try my best to accept all types of comments bc I know as an author that not everyone will like my work, I appreciate giving it a thought either way.

LUNA's character:
I want to talk a little bit and explain Luna's character. There's many people that comment on her forgiving Xander easily and say stuff like «I'm not reading anymore» «she's dumb» «I would never take that» etc. I love how engaged you guys are to the story and I LOVE reading your comments,

However try to read Luna's character from a third perspective. Forget what you would do in that situation and try to put yourselves in her shoes. I know that it may be my fault, I may have done a bad job at showing her character and why she's the way she is which i'm going to work on!

XANDER's character is also very much not liked at the start which I understand because he comes off as very extreme, but then again, mans is a mafia leader he's not supposed to be nice😭 I do hope you guys liked the character developement and stayed long enough to see it though❣️

Love you guys, have a good evening.

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