Chapter sixteen

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It only took seconds for her to put on a fake smile, and look at Xander then at me again.
"Who's this?" She asked, the fake smile still on, like jewelry on display.
"Luna" Atlantis answered bluntly, with no explanation.

Alexa as Bruno called her, reached out her hand, doing her best to hide the look of disgust on her face. I don't know if it was the fact that she stood there all dolled up, wearing jewelry that probably cost an entire salary while I sat there in joggers, or if she was just very confident, but something told me she thought I was beneath her.

"I'm Alexandra" She said, barely shaking my hand before turning around to face Atlantis
"Que es esto?" She shifted to spanish, probably thinking I wont understand.
"She's the new doctor" Bruno grinned, he had no filter and it showed.

"Oh" Alexandra let out, giving me a sarcastic smile.

"When did we share table with our workers?" She asked even though it came out more as a statement, only going a total of three minutes before finally dropping the act and showing true colors.
"She's not our worker, she's mine" Atlantis answered sternly, "and she's sitting here because I said so".

A look of confusion and annoyance appeared on her face, as the fake smile vanished at his words.
"She's sitting in my seat" She blinked, it was as clear as water that she didn't like when things didn't go her way.
"The table is pretty big Alexa, find another seat" Atlantis answered, bluntly.
"It's fine, I'm done any-" I was saying as I made my way up from my sit until Atlantis cut me off.
"Sit." He demanded.

I closed my eyes, letting out a huffing sound before I sat down.
Without removing her eyes from me, for even one second Alexandra made her way to Bruno before giving him a kiss on the cheek and asking him to move, which he did, resulting in Atlantis shaking his head before going back to eating.

"So, Luna" She spoke, by the tone she used when she said my name she could've just called me a peasant, at least she made it seem like it was the same thing.
"How did you get accepted for this position? No offence, but Xander is very picky"

I raised my eyebrows at the way she came off, as if we were in a mean girls movie.
"Sadly, I didn't apply" I replied, trying to make it clear that I have no interest in being here.
"He kidnapped me, and threatened me into being his doctor for the next six months" I continued when I saw the confused look on her face.

Seconds of silence passed until she broke the silence with a laugh.
"You cant actually be serious now, my Xander would never do that" My. Of course he never told me he had a girlfriend, another wave of betrayal hit me, when I remembered waking up in his arms.
Of course a man who's line of work is taking lives, wouldn't be loyal. Stupid.

"Your Xander seems to do whatever pleases him, without caring about other people's lives or feelings" I said, faking a smile that matched hers. I wasn't in the mood for this, I had enough with him, the last thing I needed on my plate was a crazy girlfriend.

"Excuse you? Who do you think you are to be speaking about him like that" She exclaimed, drama queen.
"Xander, how can you let her speak about-"

The sound of his fist colliding with the table followed up with a deep silence, that no one dared to break.

Bruno scratched the back of his head, probably thinking of a way he could kill the tension in the air.. or make it worse, I didn't know him well enough to decide yet.

"So how did Mexico treat you?" He asked, looking at Alexandra while Atlantis went back to focusing on his phone.
"Good." She answered shortly, making it clear her mood was ruined.
"Did you get the information about the shipment?" Atlantis questioned.

Alexandra didn't answer, she wanted to make it clear that she for some odd reason was in a bad mood, I don't know if it was because of my presence or because of the way Xander told her to find another seat.

"Answer the fucking question Alexa" He hissed, it was one thing to talk to me that way but speaking to his girlfriend like that in front of all of us, douchebag.

"I did, I've sent you the coordinates" She answered, right away.
"I also set up a meeting with the Russians, they're coming to the nightclub tomorrow"

The Russians. The Russian mafia I'm guessing.

A pit formed in my stomach, the thought of what these people have done to others made me want to puke.

"Bueno" Atlantis smiled in approval, her mood changed in an instant at his approval. I guess they really were together.
"Por fin! I've been bored out of my mind" Bruno exclaimed, showing how happy he was that they had a meeting at the nightclub I assume. "You never disappoint Alexa" He cheered, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Bruno" Atlantis hissed, while Bruno was the playful type, it was clear as water that Atlantis was more of a serious type.
"This meeting has to go well for this alliance to form, don't fucking mess it up" He snarled.
"Take it easy amigo, we'll celebrate after the meeting" Bruno replied.
Atlantis shook his head.

"Are you coming too?" Bruno asked, I looked to the side and then stopped when my eyes met his.
"Me?" I asked, dumbfounded.
"I don't think that's a good idea" Alexandra butted in, making sure to put on a fake smile.

I didn't want to stoop to her level, I wasn't like that, and I didn't want to be.
"I agree" I said, actually agreeing with her. It wasn't a good idea.
"She's coming" Our eyes all shifted to Atlantis, who didn't even bother to look away from his phone.
"Why? I don't have any business there?" I objected.

His eyes finally shifted from his phone and met mine.
"Because I said so" Why was he acting like that, he already had his friend and his girlfriend, why should I be there?
"I dont have anything to wear" I blurted, trying to find any excuse to avoid this mess.

I could see Alexandra roll her eyes from my sideview.
"Alexa can help you"
"What?!" We both complained at the same time.
Bruno chuckled, earning a glare from Atlantis.
"Are you both deaf?"

I started to wonder if he was getting paid to make my life hell.
"Not to be rude" Alexandra didn't even bother to put on a fake smile this time, "But I dont think my clothes would fit.. her"

I rolled my eyes, her clothes could fit me, she just wanted to throw a nasty comment.

"Dinner is over" Atlantis said, ignoring her.

I didnt waste a second before standing up, putting my plate in the kitchen and heading straight to my room.
I needed to find a solution, I cant go to that club, I didnt want to be a bigger part of this.
I refused.

I walsed around in my room trying to calm myself down, until my eyes landed on a small box on the bed. I havent seen that before.

I made my way to the bed and tilted my head in confusion, the box was black and had a golden logo on it. I hesisted but picked it up, and sat on the bed, hoping it wouldnt be some kind of sick prank.

Only when my eyes met the green satin glove I realised that it wasn't. It was smoothe as silk, and didnt have fingers, it was just enough to hide the scar on my palm.

It was a gift.

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