Chapter nineteen

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Anger, and hate were two feelings I'd grown into, feelings I've felt so much that I officially call them my closest friends, and at the same time biggest enemies.

At the age of twelve, I learned that anger was the only way to react, if someone did something that irritated you then you'd have the right to hurt them.
I saw it with my own eyes, when I witnessed my own mother's death.

At the age of thirteen, I learned that hate was the strongest feeling, and if you wanted to be strong then you'd have to be ruled by hate.
I witnessed hate, the second I turned thirteen and was good enough to start training to be the next leader. My biggest hater, being the person, I trusted the most.
Only then I could finally see a true example of how hate was stronger than love, and love was nothing more than a weakness.

Right now, I found myself in a position where I was fueled with anger and hate, so much that I felt like I wanted to burn down the entire fucking town.
I couldn't though, so Instead, I burned down one of my biggest clubs.

After I'd hit the fire button, so everyone except the piece of shit that laid on the floor with a bullet in his leg could evacuate.

"You didn't have to burn down the entire club" Bruno shook his head, in disapproval of my actions.
"Leave the fucking room before I put another bullet in your arm Bruno" I spoke through gritted teeth, the picture of Luna on the sofa, with that fucking trash over her playing through my head.

Bruno let out a breath and gave a sorry look to Alexa before leaving my office.
She hasn't said a word since yesterday, knowing the state I was in right now it was for the best.

I threw a vase at the floor, watching it as it shattered only inches away from us.
"I told you no fucking drinking, didn't I?" I rhetorically asked, knowing the answer.
My eyes met hers, fear had placed itself all over her face but not a hint of regret.

"Xander listen to me" She pleaded, trying to get closer as I moved further away.
"I just wanted us to have fun, I didn't know it would end up like that" Bullshit.

Flashbacks of the night started playing in my head

The Russians were negotiating, telling us what they wanted from us and what they could offer in return.

I couldn't focus on a single word they said, my eyes were glued to Luna. So fucking perfect.

When I saw her in that dress, a feeling of pleasure rushed down my body.
All I could think about was tearing it off her, the sound of her calm voice moaning my name as I pleasured her, only the thought of pleasuring her was enough to turn me on.

"Mr. Romero?" I turned around from the big windows and faced Ivan -the head of the Russian mafia.
"Are we clear on the terms?" He asked, a smirk forming on his face making the long cut running from his lips down his chin even more visible.
"We are" I said, as I shook his hand. "Pozdravleniya" he said in his thick Russian accent making the rest of his gang cheer.

I gave a nod in approval, as they all started drinking and strippers entered the room as a celebration for the alliance we'd just formed.

I couldn't help but look out the windows again, but when I looked at the seat Luna was in it was empty. Only her blue drink was left, and suddenly my eyes were searching through the whole club for her.

My eyes found her next to the bar as she stumbled her way into some fucking idiots' arms, was she drinking? I told Alexa to stay of the fucking drinks, where was she.
The grin on the guys face as he held Luna and dragged her away made my body explode.
No one else than me could touch her, no one.

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