Chapter thirty-nine

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🚩This chapter contains mature content🚩

"I don't care Xander!" I spat, in annoyance.
I felt a wave of anger, hurt and jealousy hit me like a storm. The sight of them was repeating in my head.

"Luna" Xander said grabbing my hand, "please calm down"
He dragged me closer as he tried to reassure me once again, "she kissed me and if you had stayed for a second longer you would've seen me push her away."

I knew he was right, and I was aware that she kissed him, but it still bothered me.

"Stop Xander" I said, releasing myself from his grip.
I huffed as I looked away, afraid that If I looked at him, I would get another image of them in my head. "Just leave, please. I want to sleep"

I waited on him to leave, but instead he just made his way to my bed.
"I'm not letting you go to sleep upset Luna."

I closed my eyes and let another sigh slip through my lips,
"Xander" I finally looked at him, "please leave. I'm not upset but I don't want to talk right now, we can talk tomorrow."

I felt bad for taking my jealousy out on him, she kissed him but the thought of him letting her stay here, even though it was because of business and some real estate thing with her dad, it still annoyed me. Especially after the words she spat earlier today, and the sight of her a couple of minutes ago.

"Please" I insisted, before he could try to say something else.

He looked at me for a couple of seconds, "fine."
I watched as he left, heavy footsteps all the way to my door.

I laid down on my bed, and a hundred different thoughts started playing through my head.

Was she waiting for him in his room?
Would this happen again?
Did he enjoy it?

I let sleep take over, hoping the next day would be better.


Today was a cold day, we were almost in December, but I enjoyed the snow although summer was my favorite season.

I put on a white sweater and a pair of black tights, making sure to cover my hickeys with make up before going downstairs.
A pit formed in my stomach as I made my way downstairs, fully knowing I would be seeing Adriana soon, she didn't even notice me yesterday because she was too busy looking at Xander.

"Finally" Alexa said, as I entered the living room and saw everyone having breakfast.
Bruno, Alexa, Xander and of course Adriana.
"I was about to go up myself and wake you"

I slept longer than usual today, partly because my body was tired from the weekend but mostly because my mind dreaded seeing Adriana and Xander again and pretending like what happened yesterday didn't happen.

"Well, I'm awake now." I said, with little excitement as I sat down with them.
I could feel Xander's eyes on me as I did my best to avoid them.
"You are, and it looks like you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed." Alexa said, pointing out that I didn't look like a ray of sunshine.
"Hm, I agree" Bruno joined the conversation, "What should we do about that"

Him and Alexa looked at each other, as a smile rose on their face, they were reading each other's mind.
"Clubbing!" Bruno shouts.
"We are so going clubbing" Alexa counters.

Clubbing was really the last thing I was in the mood for right now, but maybe it was something I needed.

I looked at Alexa, "I'm not so sure that's a great idea considering what happened last time we went clubbing together."
"What happened the last time you guys went clubbing?" Adriana butted in, I ignored her while Alexa gave her a dirty look.

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