Chapter thirty-five

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It's been a month,

Thirty-one days,

Four weeks,

Xander has been more distant than ever, he's rarely home and when he's home he's usually in his office all day or in his room.
He doesn't even eat with me anymore.

Maria told me that I had to give him time, she said that Xander never knew how to deal with his feelings, and right now, I'd say the feeling of guilt was eating him alive.
Although the few times I've seen him, he's been keeping a straight face as if nothing's wrong.

When I tried to talk to him, he ignored me or answered with very short answers and made some excuse to leave, Bruno wasn't that much around either and I haven't seen Alexa since the day at the hospital.

The only good news were that I haven't felt any pain in the stab wound lately, I was recovering fine.
My hands weren't as shaky anymore, and I could grab a glass of water without losing it after a second. I was doing small exercises that helped, but no matter how far I came it didn't change the fact that you had to have really steady hands to perform surgery, even the tiniest of mistake could cost a life.

"Mi amor, you're doing it wrong!" Maria said, as she grabbed the bowl from my hands.
"I'm sorry Maria, my mind isn't really focusing right now." I answered, as I tried to fake a smile but had no energy to do so, it only looked sad.

The thing is, I'm not a surgeon, I can't perform surgery and therefore, I could not finish my end of the deal which made me wonder what would happen to these six months? I've already been here two and a half months, although it feels way longer.

I hadn't had the opportunity to discuss this with Xander because he never around.

"I have good news" Maria said, as a cheeky smile appeared on her face. "Xander is coming home today"
My head cocked up right away as I faced her, a hint of hope appearing in my eyes.

Xander hasn't been here in almost two weeks, I caught him right before he left but he only muttered something about a mission before going out the door with no further explanation.
If he was back, then that would mean that I could talk to him about this, about us.

There's no us.

"Oh" I said, "do you know when?"
Maria had her thinking face one, but before she could reply the sound of the front door opening caught our attention. Xander.

I made my way to the door, disappointed at the sight of Bruno, only Bruno.
"Wow, happy to see me I see."
I laughed at his comment, as I gave him a small hug and said welcome home as he entered, "Xander is about to come in soon" He said giving me a wink, "I- um, I didn't ask though"
"I didn't say you did." I couldn't help but smile when he walked past me and went straight to Maria as I waited by the door.

Only a minute later, Xander was in sight.
But he wasn't alone, he was with a tall brunette, tall, curvy, and confidence boosted of her for every step. I felt a rush of something bitter in my body, was I jealous? No. yes. No. yes.

Alexa followed shortly after, rolling her eyes behind the brunette as the brunette said something to Xander and laughed, his attention was fully on her as if I wasn't standing here.
Maybe he didn't see me.

They entered and I met Xander's eyes but only for a second before he turned around again,
"Xan-" before I could continue, "Not now Luna" he cut me off.
I swallowed the nothingness in my throat as I watched him go directly in without another word.

The brunette looked at me for a simple second, and unlike Alexa she didn't even bother to put on a smile, she just looked at me up and down before following Xander.

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