Chapter twenty-three

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The calm before the storm

"Should we go over it again?" Alexa asked, as she sipped on her third cup of ice coffee.
Bruno let his head fall back, as he sighed "Nooo, esto es aburrido, lets get going"
-this is boring.

Bruno and Alexa were complete opposites when it came to missions.
Alexa was obsessed with having control, she had to go through every detail a hundred times to be sure that nothing was wrong and everything calculated.
Bruno loved the thrill of being unsure, he improvised and hated thinking too much.

"We have thirty minutes, go through it one more time and that's enough" I spoke.

Alexa nodded, as her eyes landed on the big drawing of the building.

"You and Bruno will enter from this door" She said, pointing at the little door on the back of the bulding, "You'll knock out the guards outside, and use your gun silencers when you're inside"

We both watched as her finger slid from door to door, on the paper.
I watched the instructions, while Bruno watched her.

"Luca and Pablo hacked the entire system, that way the same security footage will be playing on repeat and the guards won't notice you."
I looked at my men as they nodded their heads, following every movement.

"They're keeping track on the shipment as we speak, and we've agreed that they should be the ones going through the main door while the rest of you surround the building so no one can leave"
She continued as she looked at the group of men around the wooden table.

As Alexa continued, my mind wandered to the same place it has been for way too long.

I haven't been able to look her in the eyes ever since that night.
Seeing her so broken, and vulnerable made my cold heart ache, it made me feel things I didn't even know I was capable of feeling.

It was such a weird feeling seeing her that way, the girl that always put up a smile and made everything seem so fine, was so beautifully broken. I wanted to protect her from the world, from everything that could ever hurt her, but how could I protect her from myself?

I didn't have the courage to let her go, but I felt myself doing terrible things when I'm around her.

The betrayal that rushed inside me when I saw her with that phone, was unbearable.
There's nothing in this world I hated more than betrayal.

When I saw her holding that phone, ready to try and leave me I felt like I was in the same place we met. It reminded me of the event that had started all of this. Pure hatred ran in my veins, at the sight of him standing there and pointing the gun I gave him at me.

"Patron?" I snapped out of my thoughts, as one of my soldiers stood in front of me trying to catch my attention, "Que?" I asked.
"Should we get the cars ready?" He asked, earning a nod of me when I looked at the clock, seeing that we were only ten minutes away from midnight.

I left the living room and made my way to my office.
I grabbed my jacket, and glanced at the picture that laid on my desk, the only thing I didn't have the heart to get rid of from the past.
"Mama" I said, grabbing the picture, "te extraño tanto" I admitted as I placed down the picture.

It took me a long time to realize that the anger I felt towards my mother was misplaced.

"Xander" Bruno sang, as he entered the office with a grin on his face, and I already knew why.
A sigh left my lips, as I shook my head at my stupid best friend.

"No" I said, "Yes" he argued.

"I know that you hate gifts, but I've chosen to gift you with my forgiveness" He said.
"Forgiveness?" I raised my brow,  who said I wanted his forgiveness.
"Yes, forgiveness for what Ivan did to me, thanks to you"

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