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(For this chapter play Die for you by the weeknd)

The sun shines through the window and wakes me up. Today is different, today I wake up feeling easier. Lighter. Happier.

One glance at the black hair covering the pillow next to me gives away why. Her eyes are shut, her plump lips are formed in a straight line while she sleeps peacefully. I smile at the sight of her.
She's laying next to me, and it feels like I'm on top of the world. It feels like I've made it. We've still not talked about my proposal, but I know that she's going to be my wife. No matter how much time it takes, she'll be Luna Romero one day. She'll be the best Romero out there.

I place a gentle kiss on her forehead, and make my way out of the bed. My eyes widen when I see the bruises on her body, big bruises formed way faster than I expected. I mean we didn't hold back yesterday, the scratching on my back is proof of that but we've had wilder nights. I have to go easier on her, she's a wild one and for the first time I have to be the tame one.

I drag up the silk sheets and cover her before I make my way to the kitchen. The cooking classes have really paid off, I smirk. If it was for anyone else than Luna, I'd never in a million years consider cooking. Yet she's always the one challenging me and making me try things I'd never thought I could.

I decide on omelet, knowing how much she likes it. It reminds me of our first nights in her apartment when she wanted to teach me how, and we had to do multiple tries because she kept staring at me and forgetting the omelet. At least that's what I decided was the reason and made sure to tease her for.

I flip the omelet, and just as I turn the stove off, I feel a pair of hands creep around me. My body relaxes under her touch, "good morning handsome."
A smile pulls on my lips when I hear her sleepy voice, "good morning baby."

I turn around and place a kiss on her lips, "sleep well?"
She looks like she's barely awake, "Mhm" she mutters, "How early is it?"
A chuckle escapes my lips, she doesn't even realize that she's slept way longer than usual. The clinic is closed today so I decided to let her sleep in, she needed some rest. "It's no early angel, you slept longer than usual" She tilts her head, then grabs my phone to look at the clock and her eyes widen. "Shit."

She jolts to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I hear her fiddling with some stuff then something hitting the floor. Clumsy, I should've written that one in one of the journals when I listed everything that made me fall in love with her. I didn't think it was possible to love everything with someone, even the stuff that would make me hate someone else for the same trait.

I place the omelet on the table, waiting on her to come out. Something brushes against my legs, soft and fury- I look down right away to locate it, Barszik.
Believe it or not, the little menace has actually been pretty tolerable. He hasn't scratched me a single time. I even have a feeling he appreciated the toys and cat tree I made my men set up for him.

"What do you want?" I ask, cocking a brow. He's being less evil than normal.
He purrs and keeps brushing his tail against my leg. "I know you want something, what is it?"
He turns around and makes his way to the kitchen, I sigh and follow. My eyes land at the empty bowl, he wants food.

I give him a stern look, "I fed you ten minutes ago."
I swear this cat is like a human, I can already imagine how he would be as one. He's a manipulator too, trying to play innocent as he gives me soft meows so I can give in. I shake my head, "fine, but if she finds out-" I point at the bathroom door, "You're going to take all the blame."

I slide out another package of cat food and empty it in his bowl. He meows one last time, a satisfied meow before he digs his face in the bowl. "Devil cat" I mutter before I make my way back to the table.

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