Chapter forty-four

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"Go away" my voice was shaking so badly, but it only made him angrier, my stomach was twisting for each knock, and I could sense the fear in Amalie's eyes.

"Luna, i'm giving you one more fucking warning and that's it"

I shut my eyes,
"Luna" Amalie whisperes catching my attention, I look at her and she's pointing at the bathroom, I follow silently as we enter the bathroom and see a window big enough for us to climb out of.

Amalie opened it as fast as she could and waved her hand for me to go,
"No, i'm not taking that chance, you go first"
"Luna this is not the time to be stubborn!" I know Xander won't hurt me.. physically at least, but I don't know what he'll do to Amalie, especially not when he's in a fit of anger right now and even though I strongly believe that Xander would never lay hands on a woman, it doesn't mean he can't threaten her somehow. «Please Amalie» I beg with pleading eyes.

Amalie sighs, "you have to be right behind me, promise me"
"I promise." I say putting on a fake smile, as I watch Amalie climb out the window and land on her feet.
"Come on, i'll catch you!"

I set my foot on the edge of the bath right below the window and grab the handle to steady before I start making my way out, "keep going, you're almost out!"
I let out a breath as half of my body is through the window, but my eyes widen in shock when I feel something pull on my ankle right before I can jump
"Not so fast angel"

I try kick my feet to get out of his grip, but it only tightens and with one pull, my whole body is inside again. I close my eyes as I wait for it to hit the floor, only to land in two arms instead. The same two arms that seem to always catch me.
"Luna!" Amalie cries but suddenly her cries are muffled as if someone had put something on her mouth.

"Get away from me!" I yell at Xander as I try to kick and push my way out of his grip, nothing helps as he lifts me up and drags me to the room, pinning me down on the bed in seconds, "Stop fighting me Luna, I'm not gonna fucking hurt you"
His tone was low and if I wasn't way too angry right now, I'd almost notice the hint of hurt in his tone.
My breath hitches as I try to calm myself down and close the pit in my stomach.

"I d-dont wan't to talk» I stutter, sounding like an idiot, "please just leave."

Xander lets his head fall in the crook of my neck,
"I'm not going anywhere until you fucking listen"
I feel his minty breath hit my skin for each word and only a couple of hours ago that would make me crave him more than anything in the world but right now I just wanted to get out of his grip, shout at him, and push him away like he's been doing to me these last days.

"Why can't you let me decide what I want to do and not? Why can't you be a normal person and just give me space!"
Xander looks up again and his eyes meet mine,
"I never said I was a nice person, nor a normal one, you've known that since the day we made a deal angel."

I gulp, his words were completely and utterly right, I knew that.
I knew the person he was and still I fell in love with him.
I didn't fall for a made up version of him, I fell for him, seeing all his bad sides I still love him.

"We're going back to the penthouse."
His words make every nerve in my body jolt in anger,
"If you think i'm going back there then you must be out of your mind" I spit, i'm not going back there and I'm not going back to the room where he slept with someone else.

"Then I must be out of my damn mind angel, and it's all because of you."

I close my eyes at his words, not able to look at him anymore,
"Just leave." I whisper even though I know he won't listen, or care.
"We're leaving" he said grabbing me and pulling me up with him, there was no way to fight him and right now I just wanted to space out and pretend I was somewhere else.

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