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His by kaya_guerra
Hisby Anonymous writer
Callumn Lozano, a peppy high school cheerleader, she has everything in the world. A family, a little brother, two loving parents, and her best friend Sarah Hake. Mateo W...
  • teenfiction
  • sequaltohim
  • action
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The Boy Movie Brahms Heelshire x reader FanFic by MarinaM56
The Boy Movie Brahms Heelshire x r...by Marina
You and him. He's a loose cannon, dangerous, it's dark, you'll have to use all your wits, and he's killed hasn't he? This takes up where Cole/Joel is killed. You...
  • brahms
  • dark
  • backstory
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Last Dance | ✓  by deadpanned
Last Dance | ✓ by Avrielle
What is the typical dying woman's last wish? To live her very own Cinderella fairytale, of course. Copyright © Avrielle, 2016.
  • sexy
  • darkromance
  • youngadult
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Her Darkness, His Light by sscrowned
Her Darkness, His Lightby Stephanie Jane Sebastian
"Come here" he said motioning for me to step closer. This is it! God please help me! I knew that I had to obey his every word. It was just that my body decid...
  • prince
  • trolls
  • darkness
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Bully by -lonelynights
Bullyby kylie
He was the fox, and she was the rabbit - in which an obsessed bully relentlessly torments his victim over the years. !!!THIS BOOK IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN. T...
  • abuse
  • jealousy
  • darkromance
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Honest (18+) (Vitale Famiglia #3) by emjaywrites
Honest (18+) (Vitale Famiglia #3)by Em Jay
"I hate liars. I will never tell you a lie."
  • love
  • darkromance
  • bwwm
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DELINQUENT by mostgirlsvice
DELINQUENTby mostgirlsvice
Completed. Thomas Preston is bad news. Scum of the earth, he's a drug dealing, day drinking mess wrapped up in a breathtakingly beautiful body. Mila Scott wants to keep...
  • featured
  • drug
  • contemporary
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When The Gang Leader's Son Hates You by Elaine213
When The Gang Leader's Son Hates Y...by Elaine213
Cordelia Holland had everything and then in one second she lost it all. She was the girl that everyone was jealous of but when her father gets imprisoned for embezzlemen...
  • gangs
  • teenfiction
  • trailblazers
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Hurt (BWWM) by Peversely
Hurt (BWWM)by sunbabe
In which a small incident from their childhoods creates an unhappy marriage.
  • dysfunctional
  • pyschopathic
  • racist
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Dark Love by MissRosa01
Dark Loveby Magenta
"When you let the darkness in, It never comes out." - Logan. ____ Sixteen years old Seraphina Muller is thrust into a world of darkness when a psychopath takes...
  • darkromance
  • heartbreak
  • obsessed
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Stephano | ✓ by eroticlee
Stephano | ✓by lee marie
ᴠᴇɴɢᴇᴀɴᴄᴇ Riley Owens, was the innocent, and beautiful girl who was smart and caring. She has always had a great life especially when she had met her bestfriend from ele...
  • sexual
  • darkromance
  • mafia
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Despise and Despair by WorldofPedz
Despise and Despairby Dani (𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝𝐨𝐟𝐏𝐞𝐝𝐳)
"You're my assistant," His lips hovered dangerously close to my right earlobe. "I expect you to obey me, or you'll be disposed of!" Those words rippe...
  • hate
  • cocky
  • chicklit
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Broken Piece (BWWM) by IcyandOtherEmotions
Broken Piece (BWWM)by IcyandOtherEmotions
An unstable man marries a woman for revenge. His plan is to cause her as much pain as possible in honor of his mother who he believes died because of this woman. He bec...
  • unstable
  • possessive
  • romance
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Palace of Bones by emjaywrites
Palace of Bonesby Em Jay
Coming Soon
  • queen
  • alternateuniverse
  • violent
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Wicked by -lonelynights
Wickedby kylie
Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Devine always gets what he wants because Daniel Devine is wicked. When Daniel wants sweet and innocent sixteen-year-old Vivian Santos, he reso...
  • mine
  • dark
  • kidnapped
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Obsession (18+) by sinfulsrose
Obsession (18+)by ♡
Alessandro Marcelo, thirty-five, was infatuated by his best friend's eighteen year old daughter, Jesse De Rose. He had known her since she was a newborn, watching her sl...
  • youngergirl
  • obsession
  • affair
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Yours Forcefully by romanticcrazyone
Yours Forcefullyby Lonely lover
She - Innocent, shy, clumsy, naïve 19 year old beautiful girl who's trying to face the challenges life is throwing at her. With no parents besides her, she tries her bes...
  • love
  • billionaire
  • hate
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She's With Lucifer | ✓ by eroticlee
She's With Lucifer | ✓by lee marie
Lucifer Mariano is the kind of man who'll have your skin crawling with fear. His name will send you in shivers and'll have any man crying just to get rid of the thought...
  • dark
  • wattys2018
  • mob
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The Homewrecker by cjthevixen
The Homewreckerby cjthevixen
Mya's school girl crush on her best friend's dad is innocent enough, but the innocence of it all quickly delves into darker, forbidden desires. She tries to fight it; to...
  • romance
  • afterdark
  • contemporaryromance
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Romulus' Possession by DewDropsOnGrass
Romulus' Possessionby Veronica
Romulus is a strict, overbearing and possessive man and he loves his Apple a lot. Apple on the other hand is meek and small yet intelligent and contains a fire inside of...
  • sordid
  • dark
  • innocent
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