Mafia Man And His Woman  by TheCaptivatingOne
Mafia Man And His Woman by TheCaptivatingOne
Hazel Eva Raven just moved into a new two bedroom apartment in Seattle, Chicago.It's friday night and her roommate insists that they go out for drinks to which Hazel rel...
  • chicklit
  • darkromance
  • abuse
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CAPTIVE  by WillRight101
CAPTIVE by WillRight101
I walk in the room as he follows me . Tears leek from my eyes and i fist my hand on my dress I shivered as he trailed his fingers from my neck to my waist and i leave a...
  • obbessed
  • hotguy
  • dominant
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Sleeping With A Serial Killer by cookieStiles
Sleeping With A Serial Killerby Mrs. Gee Fucking Way
| P S Y C H O - T H R I L L E R | "People come and go, Some will stay but will eventually leave. But there are people who will come in your life, will stay, will ho...
  • psychopath
  • fanfic
  • danielsharman
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When A Murderer Hates You by Elaine213
When A Murderer Hates Youby Elaine213
Mason Blackwood is a murderer. Everyone in town stays away from him and he stays away from everyone. But Elora is not like everyone else. When she first sets eyes on thi...
  • darkromance
  • hatelove
  • murderer
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Stephano by -MentallyErotic
Stephanoby a s h l e y
❝ find what you love and let it kill you ❞ ••• Riley Owens, was the innocent, and beautiful girl who was smart and caring. She has always had a great life especially whe...
  • mafia
  • wattys2018
  • sexual
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The Good In Diavolo✔ by fatii227
The Good In Diavolo✔by Fatima Saleem
❝Everyone has good in them, for even the devil was once an angel.❞ ••• ▪HIGHEST RANKING #7 IN #ANGEL▪ Brooklyn, a normal girl trying to make it in life. One encounter wa...
  • love
  • guns
  • romance
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Best Friend Obsession by moonscar00
Best Friend Obsessionby moonscar00
In which a friendship soon turns into obsession. HIGHEST RANK #391 IN MYSTERY/THRILLER HIGHEST RANK #5 IN OBSESSION
  • sexualcontent
  • obsession
  • hate
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Willow by bonberriechocolate
Willowby bonberrie
For he will forever consume her, And she shall forever be his. Mature.
  • romance
  • bondage
  • love
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"Monica..." I run my hand along the length of my face "I'm completely wrong for you in every conceivable way." "But Sean..." she reaches ou...
  • alcholism
  • darkromance
  • dark
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Ink (Book 1 of the Ink Series) by punkybookster83
Ink (Book 1 of the Ink Series)by Holly Hood
She doesn't know why bad feels so good... What seems like out of nowhere, Hope Zigler's life has transformed: the normal Georgia life of an aspiring singer and student i...
  • romance
  • forbiddenlove
  • witches
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Dangerous Signals  by tell_daddy
Dangerous Signals by A Sentimental
He couldn't take it anymore. Licking his lips in preparation, He accepted her invitation. _________________________________________ Angelica danced with a handsome stra...
  • darkromance
  • onnocent
  • obsession
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My Possessive Love ❣❣❣ by Chuchuus
My Possessive Love ❣❣❣by 💕Chichi💞
She is nothing but an innocent soul. He is a stained soul, with a dark past, dark present and dark future. These two different lives meet in a bloody mess. She is a doct...
  • disha
  • kkb
  • pragya
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D I S : P A R I T I O N by AurorianaH
D I S : P A R I T I O Nby A U R A ♡
✩✩ L e o n e s s a ✩✩ ❝Oh, Leonessa, it's not the monsters that once inhabited beneath your bed that you should be afraid of. It's the one that lies beside you ea...
  • controlling
  • forcefullove
  • abusiverelationship
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Forbidden Nights by spapce
Forbidden Nightsby oh boy
Seventeen-year-old, Evelina Marino comes from a wealthy family who expects nothing but the best from her all the time. Constantly stressed by her pushy parents, her vers...
  • girl
  • billionaire
  • newadult
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The Hidden Truth by Dhatkhutiekat
The Hidden Truthby Dhatkhutiekat
"You took everything away from me, my family, my whole fuvking life" he whispered softly yet deadly. Me? Take away his family? I barely know him and.. I was i...
  • burningpassionawards2018
  • thehiddentruth
  • wattys2018
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My Rosalie  by JessicaLynnRose123
My Rosalie by 제시카
Warning! There will be disturbing scenes that will make you cringe. This is a dark romance book that includes mentally and emotional abuse, manipulating, I'm not sure b...
  • mystery
  • innocent
  • twistedromance
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His To Keep (New Version) by Lydia161290
His To Keep (New Version)by Lydia Goodfellow
Sinners will burn. Ava's life is thrown upside down when she's taken away from the light and thrown into darkness. She's the angel Aaron has wanted for so long and he wi...
  • dark
  • church
  • horror
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Blood Lust by seherzain
Blood Lustby Lady Don
Prince Neil, the prince of the vampire world. He's ruthless, he's heartless, he may kill someone if starved of blood, and he will slowly gain obsession for a girl he pic...
  • sexscenes
  • mature
  • mystery
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Temper: Deference (Wattys 2018) +18 by Lila-Mina
Temper: Deference (Wattys 2018) +18by Lila Mina
[🔥Wattpad Featured Story🔥] BOOK 1 - COMPLETE **Explicit** Tokyo, 2016. For years, international consultant Lana Martin has embraced a busy and demanding lifestyle th...
  • mystiqueawards
  • romance
  • multicultural
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Mind Games (Book 1): Becoming His Toy by SapphariaMayer
Mind Games (Book 1): Becoming His...by Sappharia Mayer
All she wanted was a little excitement...but now the fantasies in her mind are tumbling out to a perfect stranger. Will she find her bliss or has she made this biggest m...
  • love
  • wattys2018
  • kinky
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