Chapter forty

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The second I opened my eyes, the bitter feeling of hangover hit me like a bus.

I groaned as I put my hand on my head,
"Good morning sunshine" Xander chuckled.

I looked at him standing next to his drawer, in only boxers.
Then it hit me that we were in his room, and not the office anymore.
God, the office. Embarrassment rushed in me as memories of yesterday and the way I spoke to him started rushing back.

Now we know that if there's something I should stay far away from, it's tequila.

"When did we come here?" I let out, as I rubbed my forehead and blinked a couple of times to focus.
"Very early" Xander answered, shifting his focus back to his drawer. "I took you back here after you fell asleep, so you didn't have to wake up hangover and do the walk of shame right after."

I pressed my eyes shut again, "It was that bad huh?"
I was hoping for a no but instead I got a stern look, "do you mean before or after you woke up and threw up on my favorite shirt?"
Oh God, I can't even remember doing that.

I buried my face in the pillow as I apologized, earning a chuckle from him.
"Just drink the water on the table and take the pill so you can recover faster, angel"

I gave him a small nod and a smile, but the second I tried to stand up to grab the water I felt my body ache and my ass burn in pain, "Ouch" I let out as I fell back again.
I lifted my shirt up and saw the small bruises on my hips and hand mark on my ass and shot Xander a look saying this is your doing.

"I see my work paid off" He grinned in satisfaction,
I pushed my head back, "It's not funny Xander i'm sore, very sore"
Although I won't admit it, yesterday was worth the pain I was feeling right now.

"I'm sorry baby" He said making his way to me, as he laid down placing a kiss on my forehead before turning me around gently and lifting the shirt up.
I felt him drag my panties down, and then something cold hit my skin, calming the burning pain.

"Mhm" I let out as I let my head rest on the pillow, he kept rubbing the cream out and it was helping.
"This doesn't change the fact that we're not having sex the next two weeks" I teased, "two weeks!" He groaned in disapproval.
"You're punishing me for something you wanted, not fair" He complained.

"crybaby." I joked, before he turned back again and shifted position so I was straddling him, damn it the soreness down there got worse for every move.

"Do you want to come with me to the company today?" He asked, I wasn't expecting that because his workplace is well... a work place and we havent really left the house that much yet.
"I would love to" I answered, happy to be with him no matter where.

Before he had the chance to answer, someone knocked on the door, I widened my eyes and rushed off of him and hid myself under the sheet.
"Come in" Xander said, unbothered.

The door opened and I heard the familiar voice of Maria, "Breakfast started one hour ago"
I didnt need to see her to know that she had an unpleasent look on her face as she shook her head.

"perdón, i've been" Xander paused, probably hiding a smirk, "busy."
If I wasnt completely off right now, Maria was probably rolling her eyes, "niños" she huffed.

I heard her footsteps move to the door,
"Get dressed and come down" I thought she was done but she was still by the door.
"The same goes for you Luna"
Color left my face, and I let out a gasp, how did she know?!

I heard the door close and a laugh escaping Xander's mouth as he dragged the sheets down.
"Good job" he teased.

This was going to be impossible.

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