Sixty: Happily ever after

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-This is not the original ending but rather an extra ending for the ones who want to imagine a good ending instead of a sad one -
(The alternate ending - for this chapter I'd say still falling for you by Ellie Goulding)
"How long? Can I take it off now?" She asks, trying to peek through her blindfold. I slap away her hand, "Wait! We're almost here." She lets out an impatient sigh but continues to walk with me as I lead her with one hand to our house.

We're finally home again. We've traveled the entire year, visited every country that needed extra doctors that could work for free. Although I loved seeing Luna work and do what she's always dreamt of with me by her side, it's good to be home again. Our house was finished and ready for us last year, I had built everything from scratch with some help of course, but we didn't get to enjoy it for long before we decided to travel the world, help people while we made every day count.

"Alright, only a few seconds now" I grin, as I open the front door and see that everyone was in their hiding spot. I lead Luna further in and enter our living room, the cozy living room we stayed up days to paint and make our own. My eyes land at Diego and Barszik, they're both standing side to side without making a noise. "You can take it off now."

I watch as Luna takes off her blindfold right away, showing just how little patience she had left. The second she takes it off, everyone jumps out and shouts "WELCOME HOME!"
Her eyes widen, and excitement spills all over her face as she jumps up and down in awe.
"Oh my God, you guys did all of this?!" She squeals, dancing around like a little kid.

"It was actually Bruno's idea" I say, with a smirk. My best friend, and now leader of the gang we both formed and made grow into something completely different was a creative motherfucker. He loved nothing but a good surprise. Bruno comes out with a cake in his hand, "The party was maybe my idea but your husband was the one who made it happen." He said, making sure to share some of the credit.

Luna pouts, and I look at her straight away when I see her eyes turn glossy.
"Don't cry, do not cry Luna Romero, I swear. No more crying." Her emotions have been all over the place the last month or so, she goes from happy to tears in second. I had to start a no-sad movies- rule in the house because of it.
"But it's sooo cute" She cries, and I shake my head at the playful sobs leaving her mouth when she sees the cake.

The cake is big enough for the words saying,

I look at Bruno in disapproval, "is this your idea of cute?" I ask.
He grins back, "be happy. It could've been way worse."
Before I have the chance to say anything, Amalie comes out of the blue "I think you did a great job, love." Her hands sneak around his waist, and I make a disgusted face when they kiss.

"Get a room"
"Oh please, it's not like you and Luna are any better" Pablo deadpans, entering the room with a girl. Her long legs and model figure matches Pablo. She has dark skin, not a single pimple or flaw at sight and her brown curly hair brushes on her face, they both walk with confidence, matching each other. I look to my side and give Luna a smirk, yet she looks like she's about to throw up and runs off, "damn, is it that bad?" I say, rubbing my jaw.

"No matter how bad you are," Alexa starts, "no one beats these two."
Only a second later Luca walks in, in his arm is a girl that looks way too innocent to be with him. She's a foot shorter than him, her hair is strawberry colored, and she has this innocent look in her eyes. This must be the girl he's been obsessed with, he finally got her.

"I once went to their house to ask Luca about work and believe me when I say that I thought someone was getting murdered in there." Alexa finishes, in disbelief while we laugh. The girl with Luca blushes, and he smirks probably reminiscing.

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