Chapter eight

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Sweet vanilla, I found myself captured in the smell, it lingered in my nose but mostly in my head.
I looked at the green piece of clothing and drove it closer to my nose yet another time.

"I'm not one to judge kinks, but this is the fourth time I've seen you smelling that hoodie, should I be worried?"

I placed the hoodie inside the drawer next to my desk and made sure to lock it.

"Have you ever heard of fucking knocking?" I spat at Bruno, I hate when people don't know what privacy is, the only reason he's caught me all these four times is because he's a fucking idiot that doesn't know boundaries.
"I've fucked a lot, and I'm open for a lot of things, not really sure if knocking is one of them though, but I'll consider it" I shot him a glare, I wasn't in the mood for his stupid jokes.

"Stop being such a buzzkill, amigo" He said, shaking his head, if he wasn't my bestfriend I'd be putting another bullet in him right now.

"Lo tienes?" Do you have it. I asked.
"Si" He pulled out the folder and placed it on my desk in front of me. I couldn't control the smile that seemed to fight its way up, pulling on my lips.

I opened the folder, and the first thing I saw was her name, LUNA GREEN. Ángel.
My smile faded quickly, when I noticed that Bruno was still standing there, watching me. I hated when people were watching me like fucking idiots.

"Get out" I spat, he let out a huffing sound.
"Why do you care so much about this chick?"
"You know why" I answered.

Even though he was a fucking idiot, he was also my best friend and right hand. I've known Bruno ever since I was nineteen, and he was sixteen when I found him begging for cents next to what used to be my fathers club. I taught him everything he knew, and he taught me what it felt like to have a real brother, he would take a bullet for me any day. With that being said, Bruno knew mostly everything about me, at least what I wanted him to know.

"She saved your life, I know I know" He spoke, still not fulfilled with my three word answer, "But why are you obsessed with knowing everything about her, just send her some cash as a thank you".
I could've done that, I could've bought her whatever she wanted as a thank you but something was pulling me towards her, towards knowing more about the crazy girl who dragged a stranger all the way home to save his life.

She seemed so, different. So innocent, and fragile yet so fearless.
Scenes of us have been playing through my head for a whole month now, I've been watching her every single day since I snuck out of the apartment, when my men found me, seconds away from tearing apart her apartment, because they thought I was taken by him.

"Te gusta ella?" Do you like her.
I shot a glare at Bruno, as if what he said was the most absurd thing in this world, at least in our world.
Then I laughed, I laughed with my whole body at the ridiculous question he threw out there.
"Yes, I'm in love" I stated sarcastically, making him shake his head in realization of how stupid his question was. I didn't believe in love, he was fully aware of it.
Love wasn't real, it was a pathetic thing made up by people who were desperate after feeling less lonely. People who wanted to be inside some kind of fairytale, and that is exactly what Love was, a fairy tale.

"Perdón, I think I'm still high, I must be for thinking there was a chance of you feeling something nice towards anyone for once" Bruno said, scratching his head. One glance at his pupils, answered the question, he was high. Even though he knew I hated when people came to work high, but right now my mind was somewhere else, I wasn't in the mood to lecture him.
"Knowing you well enough, she'll probably be the new stripper at the club or dead in a couple of days"

My eyes darkened at Bruno's words. Just the thought of her being in these two situations, and him implying it were enough to imagine five different ways I could kill him, and if he didn't leave right now I would.
"Get out" I said, in the calmest way ever, deadly calm. "Now"
"Bueno, Bueno" He said, raising his arms in defense before exiting my office. Pendejo.

I opened the file again, meeting her green eyes. Fuck.
I've imagined these innocent eyes, in way too many un-innocent ways.
That's the answer, it must be. That's why I haven't been able to get her off of my mind, I'm sexually attracted to her.
There couldn't be any other explanation. Her innocence, I wanted to ruin it. In all kinds of ways. I wanted to teach her, that this isn't a world where you can let strangers in your home, just like that.

Twenty one years, that's how old she is. She graduated earlier than everyone else at her school, and by the looks of It, medical school was always her goal. Drawings of doctors from preschool, appeared in the file.
"My sweet, innocent, angel" I spoke, looking at her drawings.

One drawing on particular caught my attention. A small girl, inside a closet, hiding while two people laid outside with the color red painted all around them. Her signature at the end, "Luna, 13"
This couldn't be healthy, for a thirteen-year-old girl to draw.
I flipped to the other side, a frown appearing on my face when I read the word orphan.

"The ten year old was found huddled up in the closet, she seemed to be in distress. The ten year old was crying hysterically while holding her her teddy bear, asking for her mom and dad"

I felt a wave of anger rush through my body, she was so young. Way too young. Her parents were found murdered, and the gruesome details of what had been done to the bodies, seemed way too familiar.

I couldn't stop reading, it felt like my eyes were getting pulled from word to word.
She was in and out of foster homes until the age of eighteen. The year she turned eighteen she moved to London to continue her journey of the doctor dream. She was one of the best at her residency and had even gotten awards for her work at such a young age. It seemed like she was the most promising resident, until months ago when she suddenly quit and moved to New York.

She left one year before graduating to be a surgeon, only to start working at a shitty café in fucking New York?

Something was up with this girl, and I had to, no, I needed to find out her secrets. It felt like I couldn't rest until I'd discover every single detail about her, and I would.

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