Chapter twenty-six

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The few hours we had left of the day, went on looking around in the house, eating and listening to the boys talk about mafia stuff I didn't and had no interest in understanding.

The villa was beautiful, it was a small cozy one.
The kitchen had a view on the living room, and the style was old fashion, oak tree.
I really liked the décor too, and although I haven't seen the rooms yet, I had a feeling they were very much pretty too.

"Is that all?" Xander asked, as everyone seemed to have come with the info they've been gathering about someone named Lorenzo and his alliance with someone.

Everyone nodded,
"Can we finally go to sleep?" Bruno asked, he looked like he needed his hours of beauty sleep.
"Si" Xander answered, and everybody started leaving the table.

I still can't believe that I have to share room with Xander, I just know sharing rooms with him isn't going to be a fairytale, he probably dreams about torturing people. If I wake up in a chokehold I'm going to haunt him in his nightmares.

"Are you coming?" Xander said, giving me his usual bored look while he waited on me next to the stairs.

I stood up, and followed him as we made our way to the master bedroom.
He entered, and I followed shortly, admiring the room.
It was just like I thought, old style and elegant.

"You can use the bathroom in the hallway, it's the same one Bruno and Alexa are using" He said, they were in the bedroom right next to ours.
"Why? Theres a bathroom here" I said, pointing at the bathroom in our room.
"Yeah, I'll be using that one" He answered, with no further explanation.

"Why can't I use it?" I asked, "Have you heard of germs before?" don't tell me that a mafia boss is a germaphobe.

I stared at him, waiting on a smile or any hint that he was joking but nothing.
He was as serious as always.

"Whatever" I said, too tired to argue with him right now.

I made my way to the king sized bed,
"Do you want some pillows?" I asked as I watched him open his bag.
"Pillows?" He asked, without looking at me.
"Well yeah, you can't sleep on the hard floor, it'll ruin your neck"
He turned around, now facing me as he raised his brows.

"I'm not sleeping on the floor" He said,
"You're not sleeping in bed with me Xander" I said, shaking my head.
He ignored me, and continued unpacking.

"Bruno is sleeping on the floor, you can too" I said, a smile plastered on my face in confidence.
"I'm not a fucking idiot like Bruno, so no I can't" He answered, "And if you don't remember, you didn't mind sleeping with me when we were in your apartment". Touche.

I knitted my brows, and let out a huff.
"That's not the same thing, I fell asleep it was an accident, and now I'm fully aware"
"I don't give a fuck" Douchebag.

I sat here in defeat, knowing that there was no point in arguing with a wall.
Suddenly a smirk placed itself on my face, as I grabbed a pillow after another and made a barricade.
He turned around when he saw what I was doing, and tilted his head.

"Your side" I pointed to the right,
"My side" I pointed to the left, my grin growing wider at the annoyed expression on his face.
Who was the winner now huh?

I left the room, and changed in the bathroom before going back again.
"Xan-" My eyes widened, and I turned around right away, "Oh my God theres literally a bathroom right there" I said, at the sight of him in only boxers.

"You do know that I'm going to sleep like this right, so you'll have to look at me eventually"

He stated, not a hint of shame in his voice.
"No" I said,
"Si" He answered, stubbornly.

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