Chapter three

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"Table four is waiting, hurry up"

It's been three weeks since I got the job. I won't lie and say it's been a rainbow ride, but I've had worse. I've gotten used to Gina's attitude, her little to no enthusiasm and sarcastic remarks. It may be hard to believe, but she's not actually rude.  Just fed up with life, I guess. Understandably.

"Here you go" I passed the Frappuccino to Adam, he was the server. Pretty nice guy, very shy and I'm pretty sure the only reason he works here is to afford buying weed from the dealers at the opposite street. I've concluded that if you stay far away from those streets and head straight home, nothing bad will happen. At least that what I thought.

"Can this day end already" Gina muttered, when a group of five guys entered the shop.

The shop was now packed, and the heat was starting to get unbearable.

"At least you're not closing" I answered, she gave me her usual unamused look.

"Who is closing today" I asked, looking at the paper behind the counter. It didn't say mention who was closing, I wasn't shocked though. Over these past few weeks, I grew to learn that our boss wasn't really the brightest. As long as he got his money, he was happy.

"Don't know, don't care" Couldn't have been more of a Gina answer.

Adam rushed back to the counter, he was all red and sweaty. The poor guy looked like he had just ran a marathon, but instead he was running from table to table, as the only server on the floor since Gina refused to leave the counter.

"Adam, are you closing today?" I asked, his eyes shot up and if shit was a facial expression, it would be the one on his face right now. The expression on his face made me chuckle, it couldn't have been more obvious that he had forgotten he was the one locking up today.

"Shit, shit, shit" I gave him a stern look, "language" I exclaimed. He was only sixteen, which made it okay for me to tell him to watch his language.

"Can one of you please, pleaseeeee lock up for me today? I have homework" Homework was code word for party, because I know for sure he wasn't going to stay up on a Saturday and do homework.

"Aww, of course" Gina said answered.
"Really??"   "No."

I let out a small laugh at the way Adams lips went from a curve to a straight line in a matter of seconds.

"I don't even know why I believed for a second you would do something nice out of nature" Adam snickered at Gina. "Watch it kid, I'll snitch to your mom about the weed"
I laughed at their conversation, one is sixteen and the other twenty eight, yet both were acting like kids.

Adam turned to me and gave me his best shot at puppy eyes.
"Please?" He politely begged.
"Fine, just make me a list on how" I really didn't want to close, but I didn't want to crush his fun.


I threw another glance at the clock, just like I've been doing every five minutes the past four hours.

"8.59" One minute, it was finally time to close. I looked at the list Adam had made, this was my first time closing and if nervous was a person, It would be me right now. I just wanted to get home and cuddle with Barszik while watching gossip girl.

After fifteen minutes I was finally done counting the cash and writing down everything. I cleaned and threw the trash, and finally it was time to go home now. I locked up and went straight to google maps, my hero and saviour. Without google maps I would never find my way anywhere. It's been three weeks and I've still not memorized the way home.

Its dark outside, I hate when its dark. It feels so lonely, so depressive. I look at the sky, no stars. This night felt so weird.

Before I could lay any more though into it my phone started vibrating.

Amelie <3

I debated If I should answer now or wait until I'm home, but I didn't like walking all alone in the dark, even though she wasn't here in person, it still made me feel safer to talk than to be alone in darkness and silence.

"Oh so you do know how to hit the answer button!" I chuckled at her.

We talked for a good fifteen minutes, and my mind was so focused on my phone screen and Amalie that I hadn't noticed where I was walking anymore. I stopped and started looking around, I didn't recognize the area, and it gave me such an eerie feeling. My phone pinged, catching my attention.

10% Of battery remaining

Amelie must've noticed the panic on my face, because only seconds after I touched the "dismiss" button, she started asking if everything was fine.

"I have to go, my battery is running low and I have no idea where I am" I answered, I didn't want to show that I was starting to panic, so I ended with "Its fine, I'll call you when I'm home" and with that I hung up.

It took only five minutes for my phone to die. I knew I should've bought android instead. Damn it.

I walked around like an idiot for 15 minutes before I ended up near a dark alley, this screamed danger. Before I could walk any further, I heard two manly voices. Call it instinct, but I hid behind the wall straight away.

"Put down the fucking gun Lorenzo" One demanded, his voice was so dark and deep. It rose of power. Gun? Where the heck did I end up.

"Oh, even when you're seconds away from death, you still want to play tough" The second one answered, It was too dark for me to see any of their faces clearly, only their tall frames.

"Any last words, hermano?"
"You're nothing more than a fucking coward"
Before I could process anything, the sound of a gunshot echoed through the alley.

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