Chapter twenty-nine

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We've been inside for ten minutes

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We've been inside for ten minutes.

I glanced at Pablo and Luca, they were talking to a group of girls to blend in.
Bruno was speaking to some blonde, while glancing at Alexa here and there to make sure everything was going well.
Alexa was next to the stage, dancing with some guy.

I let out a huff, as I waited on Luna.
My body was tense, and right now I had forgotten how the feeling of relaxation felt.
Luna was never supposed to be a part of this, and I hated the fact that she challenged me in front of everybody so she could do this.

If she got hurt, I would never forgive myself. Never.

Seeing here today in those clothes, and the makeup was something else.
She was so fucking hot, but she didn't look like herself. I liked her the way she was, without all of that.

Then again, I can't understand why I give a fuck.
All of this, the way I felt around her, it was only because I wanted a good fuck, right?
That's the whole plan, that's what I convinced myself at least.

"Not long now" Luca spoke, I fixed on my earpiece as I looked at the guys and nodded.

Luna was supposed to be out in a couple of seconds, I watched as Guzman sat upstairs, there was no guaranty that this would even work, that she'd be one of the dancers he allowed up there.
Guzman was one cautious fucker.

"One whiskey" I spoke to the bartender, trying to calm my body.
Before I had the chance to grab the whiskey, the music shifted, signaling it was time.

(Play Set me on fire by Estelle)

Suddenly the lights went down, and the scene was a dark shade of red and blue.

There she was. So fucking beautiful.
Oh God.

She walked to the stage, and it felt like everything was in slow motion.
She was wearing a red two piece, and her body was so fucking amazing all I could imagine was her cuffed to the bed, moaning in pleasure as I undressed every single piece of clothing off of that body.

Her hips swayed, grabbing every attention there was.
I could see all the men glaring at her ass, it made me want to scoop out their eyes.
No one else than me, no one, was going to touch that.

Her hand grabbed the pole, and in my head, that pole was something completely different.
Her grip tightened, and I watched as her body climbed so effortlessly and started swaying.
My eyes were glued to her every single move.

She wrapped her legs around the pole, and as her upperbody started leaning backwards, she fucking looked straight in my eyes, a smirk formed on her face as her eyes lowered from my face to my pants.
Fuck. I looked down, only to notice how fucking hard she was making me.
She knew damn well what she was doing.

I wanted to punish her for having that much power over me, for turning me on so easily and being fully aware of it. I wanted to pin her down and hear her moan my name over and over again, making sure she knew who she belonged to, I wanted to taste every ounce of her innocence, I wanted to feel her tongue against mine while every single inch of my body was colliding with her.

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