Chapter forty-seven

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"Finally!" Luna shouts like a kid as we enter the mansion again, we haven't been here in what feels like ages but only a couple of weeks, "Barszik?!" She runs and tries to find her little devil cat.

I put my bags down, smiling at the way she's running like a child full of excitement.

Bruno takes a deep breath, "I'm finally going to sleep in my bed again"   
"That bed needs to be thrown out and replaced with one that hasn't been infected with hundreds of STD's" I reply as we walk in, he gives me a dirty look, "The only thing that bed as been infected with is ass, round bouncy a-"
"Shut the fuck up Bruno" I say walking past him before he can continue his sentence about all the asses that has touched his bed.

I enter my office and let my body relax when it falls into the leather chair, followed shortly by Bruno as he makes his way to the sofachair in front of my desk.
"Um, so" He starts, "have you talked to Alexa?"

I open my eyes showing him the same bored expression I gave him the last time he brought this up.
He wants me to allow her to come back, but there's not a single bone in my body that wants to see her in the nearest future after the way she tried to hurt Luna.
"No." I answer bluntly, watching as the hope in his eyes drop.

Bruno has had a thing for Alexa ever since they met, he's literally been swooning over her since day one but has never had the guts to admit it, instead he takes pleasure in being the biggest playboy and covers his emotions with dipping his dick inside a new girl every week.

I'm no saint but after I turned twenty, I stopped sleeping around, when I needed to release I chose from the few names I knew were good to go while Bruno never sleeps with the same girl more than twice.

"But Christmas is in a week" he says, in a low tone covered with a lace of wishful thinking.
"Can you at least consider it? I know that she messed up, but you know her Xander, she's impulsive and she doesn't think when she's hurt."
I let out a sigh, "actions have consequences Bruno, no matter what state you're in when you commit them."
I watch as his face drops yet again, and for a second there I want to give him what he wants, Damn this has to be the effects of Luna, she's making me fucking soft.

"Look" I speak, "this should be up to Luna, she was the one hurt, if it's only up to me then I wouldn't let Alexa get back but if Luna wants to I'll let her come for the traditional trip."

Bruno's face lights up, causing me to roll my eyes at the fact that I halfway caved.

"What traditional trip?!" Luna says, walking in with the devil cat following as he wagged his fat gray tail.
Bruno eagerly responds, "every year we celebrate Christmas in the Romero cabin! This will be your first year with us" He cheers.
Bruno loves this tradition, he invented it.

Bruno suggested that we all celebrate Christmas together because neither me or him had a family worth celebrating with, and Alexa didn't want to be with her family, so we started celebrating together, Luca and Pablo joined in eventually and we've been doing this every Christmas for six years.

Lorenzo hated it, he wanted to be with our father.
He wanted to do everything to please our him, and when I did something considered fun, he got angry because I couldn't be as miserable as him.

"That sounds fun!" Luna squeals, then her face shifts into a thinking expression, "but-"
She stops, "but what?" I ask cocking a brow.
"But me and Amalie are supposed to celebrate Christmas together this year."
She smacks her lips, "I'll be in London, so I won't be able to make it."

Does she really think that I'll let her travel all the way to London in christmas? Or at anywhere without me? Cute.
"You're not going." I reply, watching as she puts her hands on her hips in disapproval.
"I didn't ask if I could" A part of me wants to spank her every time she acts sassy with me, and another part is turned on by it.
"You're not going anywhere Luna, we're celebrating christmas together." I say, ignoring her answer.

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