Chapter thirty

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"Vamos" I said, exiting the warehouse after getting every single detail I needed to know about Lorenzo.
The coward I called brother, the first person to teach me that love is nothing but weakness.

We entered the car, on our way to the house so we could change and then leave again to celebrate.
"Wait, stop here!" Bruno shouted, we all looked at him, confusion written on our faces.
He looked out the window, "a tattoo shop!".

My mood was too good to be ruined, and for once I followed him without calling him any names.
Bruno entered the tattoo shop, followed shortly by me, Pablo and Luca. Our men waited outside.
"Hola" Bruno cheered, giving the tattoo artist a bro hug. "I need a cover up".

I walked around as Bruno showed the tattoo artist the tattoo Ivan had so gladly put on his body.
Skulls, animals and more skulls hang around the entire shop. I it was a small shop, four walls, a small black leather sofa, a desk and a tattoo chair.
Bruno sat down, discussing with the artist while the guys watched.

I grabbed a book, even though I rarely tattooed anything that didn't mean something for me, I still had the urge to see if there was something interesting.

I browsed through the book, trying to find something interesting other than the usual skulls, lions and roses. I stopped.
My eyes landing on a tattoo that seemed familiar, the snakes heading all directions, and the blank eyes.
The only thing missing for it to be alike the one I saw, was the tear running down.
"Sad isn't it?" The tattoo artist spoke, as he noticed me staring.

I looked at it for a couple seconds, "usually I tattoo this free" he continued.
Tattoo artists rarely tattooed anything free of charge, his words caught my attention.
"Why?" I asked, suddenly not sure if I wanted to know or not.

The tattoo covered man let out a sigh, "So I can show that there's still some good people in the world".
I felt my throat tighten at his words, and the sad expression on his face.
"What does it mean?"
He looked at me, unsure of how to answer, "spit it our for fuck's sake" I said.
"It can have different meanings, but the people that get it are mostly survivors of sexu-" I threw the book on the table and walked out before he could finish the sentence.

A warm breeze hitting me, the second I exited the shop, yet not nearly as fast realization.

It all made sense now, how could I be so fucking stupid.
The way she always made sure there was a small distance between us. The way even when confidence radiated out of her, she still seemed uncomfortable at the close touch of a man.

Our conversation in the bus started playing in my head.

"So if you've never been in a relationship, does that mean you're a virgin?"
"I don't know"

Suddenly it felt like there was a hand wrapped around my throat, tightening for each second, for each thought.

She went through that, my little angel, I couldn't protect her.

The thought of someone touching her without permission, of her being in such a vulnerable position, alone. It made me angry, disgusted and hateful.

My sweet angel, was abused.
And every single person, no matter who, no matter where, was going to pay the consequences. They're going to feel my anger, they're going to pay for every single tear that fell down those rosy cheeks and for every touch they were going to scream for help.

"Primo" Luca said, walking out the shop. "Todo bien?".
I turned around and looked at him, fire lighting in my eyes and for each second it only grew hotter.
"I want you to give me a file consisting of every single person Luna has had in her life, every single person she's known and every one she's lived with"

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