Chapter thirty-two

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I fluttered my eyes open, closing them again right away as the strong light above my head blinded me.
The pain on the right side of my head made it feel like someone was holding a hammer and pounding it on my head.

I blinked a couple of times, adjusting to the light.
"Go tell Patron that the bitch is awake."
My head was hurting so bad, I wasn't sure if I had started hallucinating and hearing things.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, and my vision got less and less blurry, my eyes landed on the bars in front of me. I was in a cell.
My eyes scanned the room, as I adjusted in the uncomfortable chair I was tied to.
It was just like a prison cell just bigger, and without any bed.

My eyes landed on the guard standing by the cell door, he had a snake tattoo crawling up his neck.
He looked at me in disgust, and a hint of lust, his gaze held no respect whatsoever.
"W-where" I tried to say, but it came more as a whisper, "where am I?."

My mind flew to Xander right away, did I piss him off so badly he'd do this again?
But the guard wasn't wearing the same clothes as Xander's gang members used, and they weren't allowed any tattoo's except a small circle on their arm with a dragon inside.

"Shut the fuck up" He spat, as my eyes scanned the tattoo it seemed more and more familiar. The flames, the snake, I've seen it before but my mind cant focus on where and when.
"So so, don't be rude to our guest" A voice spoke from outside the cell, it was too dark to see.
"Patron" The guard said, bowing down as if someone royal had just come in.

My eyes traveled to the man entering the cell, he was wearing an all white suite.
Straight black hair that fell on his forehead, a stubble, dark brown eyes and lips that looked identical to Xander's. He looked very much like Xander, just older, everything between three to four years older.

"Leave" He said to the guard, his eyes were glued to me as I watched the guard leave.
A smirk appeared on his face, this man radiated off bad energy.

"Who are you?" I asked, although I felt like he seemed very much familiar.
His smirk turned into a confident smile as he came closer, "Lorenzo"
I've heard that name before, "Lorenzo Romero" he continued, and it all made sense.
"You're Xander's brother" I stated, watching as his smile faltered, "sadly" he answered.

This family was everything besides normal, and right now all I could think off was how did I get myself in this mess, almost a year ago I was about to be a doctor and my future looked brighter than ever. And now, now I'm here. In a basement, yet again, in front of a different Romero.

"Why am I here?" I asked, letting out a huff. I was tired and I wanted my life back.
"Haven't anyone told you that its rude to have such an attitude towards someone you've just met?"
Was he being serious now? The smile on his face told me that he was nothing but serious.

I looked at him in annoyance, "Hasn't someone told you that it's rude and psychotic to kidnap someone you don't know?."
My head fell to the side as a hard palm collided with my cheek, and for a second there I felt what Xander must've felt earlier, except this slap was going to leave a mark. "I think we need to teach you some manners." This man screamed psychotic.

I let out a breath before lifting my head up again and facing him, he was standing inches away.
"What. Do. You. Want" I spoke, my patience ran out a long time ago. "If you want to kill me then just finish the job already." A dark evil laugh left his lips, as if this was funny in his twisted mind.

"I can't kill my brothers girlfriend, we've only known each other for five minutes"
Girlfriend? He thought I was dating Xander? Is that reason he kidnapped me?
"I'm not Xander's girlfriend" I spat, as I watched him raise an eyebrow, "oh is that so? My sources tell me you seemed pretty close at the club when his tongue was inside your mouth." Crap.

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