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«иди сюда котенок котенок»
«Meow» I growled, not interested.

The russians have given me a new name to match the small hat they make me wear with the cat coat, Dimitri.
Not a day have gone by without me thinking about my revenge on Xander for giving me away.
I'm making my revenge plan as we speak.

The only good thing with all this is yelena.
Yelena was the most gorgeous white fured kitty i've ever seen, but she knew she was which only made it harder to catch her attention.

Each time she walked by she wagged her thick tail, giving a glimpse while playing hard to get.

I had my mind made up, I was going to check how fertil Yelena could get before I could start my way back to Luna. I had to leave a legacy behind me in russia, for everyone to remember Barszik.

«Дмитрий!» ... damn the russians. And damn Xander for being a bigger pussy than me.


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