The only thing I'll ever love

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Yandere vantablack x male reader
Narrator's pov

Wha? Where? Where were you?

Y/n's pov

(Where the hell am I?)

Was the thought that ran through my head as I walked through the black void I awoke in. The only thing that was different was some various colors in distance.

It didn't look too far away but the farther I walked the more I realized that it could just be a vision of my own imagination so I lied down on the ground again hoping that when I woke back I would be back in my room.

And when I did awake again I was back in my room, although I felt heavy. I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth only to see something covered in an unknown substance behind me.

Turning around I saw nothing but when I turned back around to face the mirror it was still there this time with a toothy grin as their purple stared me down.

I moved my hand to feel if they were real but as soon as I was about to the mirror shattered into pieces, thankfully I didn't get hit by the shards.

I wanted to call the police at first only to think that if I did tell them that a skeleton was hunting me down they wouldn't believe me.

Getting to the living room it was torn up. The couch, the tv was broken, everything was broken to say the least.

And within the mess of glass and stuff there was the same skeleton. It stared me down with that same eye and I began to run to the nearest window.

Opening it up I jumped out of it falling onto the grass. It took me a few moments to pick myself up from the ground. I ran as far as I could but every turn I took I would always see it.

Eventually I ran out of steam only able to walk around as it would still always be there. With nowhere to hide I took shelter in an alleyway and of course it would be there.

What kind of .exe shit is this? He was at both ends of the alleyway blocking me in. One was real one was fake, I knew that for sure.

So, taking a deep breath I rushed at one of them and collided with it letting me know the other was fake but when I did run into the other one I also collided with it this time falling to the ground.

"W-why?" I asked still trying to regain myself but they never responded. tendrils wrapped around me bringing me face to face with my soon to be murderer.

As the tendrils began to crush my body they sighed? As my vision began to dim the tendrils loosened their hold on me allowing me to breathe as I noticed that the skeleton's face was inches away from mine.

They pecked my cheek and opened something. They jumped through it bringing us to a cave and the surroundings was just floating rocks.

He brought us inside where a slimmer but taller skeleton was already there.

"So he got you?"

They asked as I nodded before he kept speaking.

"Ink, he's just a human."

He was given no response as I dragged deeper into the cave before being sat down and tied to wall.

"You. You y/n are the only thing I love." Ink said finally speaking.

I began to struggle against my restraints only to have them tighten making me stop before I nearly get crushed again.

"You'll be the only thing I'll ever love."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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