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Yandere asylum sans x male reader
Narrator's pov
When it began you had worked in the asylum for only a few days when sans fell for you. Due to his now love for you he keeps looking through the supposedly one way mirror that allows you to see him but him not to see you. But at one of his checkups he made his move.

Y/n's pov
Walking into the room I saw sans run up and hug my leg tightly then letting go. After doing checkups I began to leave only for sans to once more grab my leg as I said that I had to go but he wasn't taking it so he used his magic throwing me into a corner and somehow became tied to the wall. Sans with stars in his eyes walked over to me taking the keys for the door from and leaving.

I didn't want to know what he was doing to everyone but I could hear muffled screams through the walls. After an hour or so he came back and his clothes were covered in blood as he began walking towards me with now hearts for eyes. He untied me but before I could get up he hugged me getting blood all over me.

"Y/n where is the exit?" He asked with calm voice but by the look in his eyes he was more demanding. Scared I got up and began walking towards the exit only to think of an idea. Walking to a room I found a syringe that had anesthesia in it so I grabbed it putting in my pocket before continuing to walk to the exit. But when we got to the door I felt a prick in my neck so I turned my head seeing the needle empty.

I began to panic falling to my knees struggling to stay awake sans hugged me again saying. "Nice try." I passed out.

You nor sans were ever found when they came to the facility.

Sorry for it being so short but I hope you enjoyed this!
Lukielu out
Thank you to LuzQueFaltaNaSuaVida for the writing tip
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