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Undertale: Twin sister by The_twins_of_hearts
Undertale: Twin sisterby ☆_Fallen_Star_☆
After Frisk goes missing, Caitlin, Frisk's twin sister goes looking for her in the the last place she saw her. MT Ebott, the mountain of dark legends, she finds a neckla...
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The Silver Soul by EffieTrinket1619
The Silver Soulby Effie Trinket
A girl with a strange soul lands in the Underground, with no memory of her life. Who is she, and what is her story?
Soul Mates (Sans x reader) by TheOmelette
Soul Mates (Sans x reader)by M
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Undertale X Reader by Frei_111
Undertale X Readerby Frei_111
You woke up on bed of golden flowers without having anything to remember. Going to an adventure where you met with many monsters to go home. Easy, right? Not really, act...
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(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meet by ZanaBSparrows
(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meetby Zana B Sparrows
Sans has lived through countless timelines. He's seen the kid make friends with everyone, only to give up in the final moments. He's seen the kid killed, over and over a...
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Chara x Reader by anjistar
Chara x Readerby ✨
It's been a few months since monsters entered the human realm, but there's something else biting on the mind of your best friend Frisk - and she bears a lot of history...
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Sans X Child Reader by Yusuka-chan
Sans X Child Readerby Yusuka-chan
[I have decided to do what I always wanted 😄😄]:some people put warnings for these so.....CHILD ABUSE IS DISCUSSED You were, thought to be mute and was horribly abused...
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The First Human [X Sans] {COMPLETE} by RaeTheStar
The First Human [X Sans] {COMPLETE}by RaeTheStar
Imagine Undertale, but Chara never showed up. Chara wasn't the first human in the Underground. What if a glitch occurred, and you fell down instead? You fell into the Un...
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Screw Logic by Torigirl13
Screw Logicby Tori or Çrīmßøñ
Bendy Au x Little Nightmares Reader x Sans Au (in a sibling way ur 9) You are (Y/n) Rosita Maur, everyone calls you Six because, well, thats what you tell them. At one p...
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Fallen Angel (Gaster x reader) by Feniksiara
Fallen Angel (Gaster x reader)by Null is the best demon and yo...
An angel. Sign of hope for humans, yet a nightmare for monsters. Powerful, skilled and...beautiful. But what happens when one rebels against the cruelty towards monster...
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Error's Daughter || Godess Of Darkness And Destiny by HazelGray106
Error's Daughter || Godess Of Dark...by HazelGray106
Error: Forced God Of Destruction, Destroys AUs, Faith is just forcing him to destroy, Ink doesn't understand his true intention, He is just saving everyone and he is doi...
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Five Nights at Undertale by Awesome1o2
Five Nights at Undertaleby Awesome1o2
What would happen if instead of Frisk, the crying child from FNaF fell down Mount Ebbot? This is the story of Daniel, a poor, crybaby 7 year old and his weirdly sentient...
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Punderful Colors (SansXreader) by DJsansy
Punderful Colors (SansXreader)by Kittycatsans
"How could you kill him after he gave you mercy" "..." " He spared you...he trusted you..." "....." "...I trusted you...&quo...
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Prove It (Sansgore Soulmates) by BubblyShip
Prove It (Sansgore Soulmates)by BubblyShip
All monsters have soulmates. When a monster discovers their soulmate and their eyes meet, a zing will occur between the two. And just like that, a monster could find the...
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Bone of Contention (Underswap Papyrus X Reader) by TheIndianaCrew
Bone of Contention (Underswap Papy...by Indiana
Humanity is divided over one thing, the monsters reappearance. Some believe they should stay aboveground and others think they should be sent back where they came from...
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Hiraeth (Ink x Error) by Catcube10
Hiraeth (Ink x Error)by Catcube10
Hiraeth(n.): 1. Homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, or for a home which may have never been. 2. An intense form of longing or nostalgia, wistfulness. 3...
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Undertale x Infant!Reader by raac24
Undertale x Infant!Readerby ~Raac~
Taking a journey through the Underground seems fun to experience and to Fight or Act through. But is it really fun when you're just an infant? Will you ever make it back...
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A Skele-Ton of Problems (Papyrus/Sans AUS x Reader) by PikaPony
A Skele-Ton of Problems (Papyrus/S...by PikaPony
It was your normal, average day. You were staying at a friend's place while she was away on some adventure in Europe. Next thing you know, some uninvited guests show up...
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Royal Blue by dealialestina
Royal Blueby Spilled-my-coffee
Sans knows a lot about secrets; he hides many. But when old burdens emerge from the darkness, secrets, new and old, put his brother in danger; and what else can a good b...
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Gold's Eye GasterSans X Reader by xbutterfly_walkerXx
Gold's Eye GasterSans X Readerby Not Coming Back
You've heard the stories, of the mysteries of a man who guides lost ladies home by night legend says his voice is like a demon of hell and anyone who's ever approached h...
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