PaperJam's Daycare x OC (Completed 1 of 2 Books) by PainiteFox
PaperJam's Daycare x OC (Completed...by PainiteFox
ALL credit goes to Undertale Peasant for story ideas!!! JAMMY AND INK 4 EVA!!!
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undertale sin art by Roseanna2234
undertale sin artby Bella
the tile says it all love and all art go to the rightful owner
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A True Pacifist (Male Reader x Female Frisk) by KryogenFalls
A True Pacifist (Male Reader x Fem...by KryogenFalls
This should go well. Also, like many others, it's late and I'm bored.
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Undertale Sans x Reader One-Shots! by xXxDjwolfxXx
Undertale Sans x Reader One-Shots!by xXxDjwolfxXx
Basically the title says it all. Give me a request and I'll write it! (I got nothing better to do with my crazeh life anyway...) Aus I know: Underfell Gaster!Sans...
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●~My Prisoner~●(UF!Papyrus x Reader) by AstrixZOfficial
●~My Prisoner~●(UF!Papyrus x Reade...by AstrixZOfficial
(AFTER-SESSION HIATUS)(LEMON AND SWEAR WARNING) (FINISHED BOOK.) You were so sick of humans mistreating you, you decided to commit suicide. Instead, you arrived in the u...
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Sans x Reader !requests open! by TechnoCat16
Sans x Reader !requests open!by TechnoCat16
includes smut, fluff, and basically anything else. don't like, don't read
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Lost in Despair (Lonely!Sans x Mute!Reader) by GamerQueen2002
Lost in Despair (Lonely!Sans x Mut...by Gamer "Ri" Queen
Press your fingers together, zip your lips shut, and throw away the key. Once it's time to be free, go fetch that golden key and speak. Unless someone stole your golde...
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Mad Time: Abused Dusttale sans m!reader x RWBY Harem by ClockworkWolf8
Mad Time: Abused Dusttale sans m!r...by Clarke
Disclaimer: I do not own Rwby by Rooster teeth, Undertale by Tony Fox, or any of the images, videos, songs or references that are put on this story. Adopted but not care...
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UnderTale Oneshots (FINISHED) by TheGrinningKitten
UnderTale Oneshots (FINISHED)by TheGrinningKitten
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Au Sans x Reader oneshots: The sequel by Starlightgirl5
Au Sans x Reader oneshots: The seq...by Starlight girl
Welcome shooting stars to the sequel of the AU Sans x Reader oneshot book. Requests are open so don't be afraid to request. Hope you enjoy!
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AU Undertale one-shots by DJWinterWolf
AU Undertale one-shotsby DJWinterWolf
This will mostly be Sans and Papyrus One-shots. Some witll have a part 1-3 or will just be medium sized story's. I will do AU's! I am a wrighter who likes fluffy or some...
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AU Undertale One-Shots 2 by DJWinterWolf
AU Undertale One-Shots 2by DJWinterWolf
Part 2 of AU Undertale One-Shots. I wright fluffy hurt/comfort oneshots. I do take request if I am able to do them. No lemons but there will be romace and small makeout...
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Outnumbered ~ Various X Male Reader. by HeavenlySoul2000
Outnumbered ~ Various X Male Reade...by That "Loner" Over Yonder
Well, my first one got shot down. Exactly what it says on the tin. Ya'll know whats going down in this story.
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Undertale au sins by Faythsmithson123
Undertale au sinsby Fayth da creator
(How on earth did I get here?) ahem! Anyways, as it says in the title, this is where I will be putting pictures of sins! :D!!! And Holy shit this got popular....what's w...
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High school Troubles (an undertale sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
High school Troubles (an undertale...by ___Wueen_Jess___
This is an Undertale book! Daily updates :3 High school's tough for everyone. Everyone has something they hate or dislike about it. We all face problems and have our goo...
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SansxReader ^Oneshots^ Requests open by _Kochii_
SansxReader ^Oneshots^ Requests op...by Kochi
A bunch of reader oneshots with different AU's Sans. Feel free to give me suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it. There will be a chance of a few other oneshots. So...
  • sans
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Giant!AU!Sans x MythicalCreature!Reader Oneshots by TheNamelessChibi
Giant!AU!Sans x MythicalCreature!R...by TheNamelessChibi
Basically the reader is either a Bitty, baby, young child, borrower, or Sans is super big. The reader is almost always some type of mythical creature, from different cul...
  • mythological
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Interesting (AfterDeath) by bluetechlunatic34
Interesting (AfterDeath)by bluetechlunatic34
Geno works as a security guard for a prison. He's a cop. He works in a prison full to the brim with horny prisoners, murderers, and delinquents. He spends his working...
  • jailtale
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Ask the Full HAUS!!! [House of AU Sanses] by AltheaMarieCatuncan
Ask the Full HAUS!!! [House of AU...by ●°•○Althea○•°●
Disclaimer: I do not own "Full HAUS". The original idea was by PerfectShadow06 on Tumblr. I even asked for permission about this and she accepted. | Warning: S...
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Undertale Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Undertale Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
Guess who's back into another fandom yet again? That's right! Evangeline Hisahoshi! Hello everyone and this is my newest book of one Shots because the undertale has fina...
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