Sans x Reader !requests open! by TechnoCat16
Sans x Reader !requests open!by TechnoCat16
includes smut, fluff, and basically anything else. don't like, don't read
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Various X Reader OneShots + Lemons by KellyJellyNomNom
Various X Reader OneShots + Lemonsby KellyJellyNomNom
Read the title, that explains it all. Btw, lemon means sexual content, if you don't like, then don't read. And I am taking requests, so please feel free to say a charact...
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The Smiling Hero (My Hero Academia x Male Sans Reader) by The_Smiling_HeroSans
The Smiling Hero (My Hero Academia...by Cam Ward
The title says it all. This is also my first time doing this kind of thing, so please point out anything I can do to improve. The Art & Music I use is not mine and belon...
  • crossover
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Criminal Boundaries (an Undertale Sanscest Story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Criminal Boundaries (an Undertale...by ___Wueen_Jess___
Sequel to Criminal Conflict! It had been nine years since the criminal gang last met up and did anything illegal. They'd planned on never really seeing each other again...
  • scixfell
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Fangs (A Sanscest Story) by BubblyShip
Fangs (A Sanscest Story)by BubblyShip
There were reasons both adults and children were terrified of the dark. There were reasons why there was a curfew limit. There were reasons why the Kingdom had a started...
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Mad Time: Abused Dusttale sans m!reader x RWBY Harem by ClockworkWolf8
Mad Time: Abused Dusttale sans m!r...by Clarke
Disclaimer: I do not own Rwby by Rooster teeth, Undertale by Tony Fox, or any of the images, videos, songs or references that are put on this story or any other form of...
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Criminal Conflict (an Undertale sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Criminal Conflict (an Undertale sa...by ___Wueen_Jess___
!This is an Undertale book! Criminals have always littered the streets causing a mess and breaking the law. But what happens when criminals Fall in Love? This includes...
  • afterdeath
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Outnumbered ~ Various X Male Reader. by HeavenlySoul2000
Outnumbered ~ Various X Male Reade...by That "Loner" Over Yonder
Well, my first one got shot down. Exactly what it says on the tin. Ya'll know whats going down in this story.
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Gaster AU x Reader ONESHOTS by EmilySkelewolf
Gaster AU x Reader ONESHOTSby BrownENH
Let's get this over with... HIGHEST RANKING: #35 in Fanfiction June, 23, 2017 ALL IMAGES USED ARE NOT MINE! Cover was made by Bunnymuse on her Tumbler (I think). Bunnym...
  • xreader
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New feeling (Possessive) Au Sanses X Female!Reader by LovingBlueberry7
New feeling (Possessive) Au Sanses...by Red Ruby
After deciding to not go on the three months vacation of summer with your family, you stayed on your mansion alone... Or so you though. You always knew your brother wasn...
  • possessivness
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Paper Stacks(COMPLETED)(Sanscest × The Office) by BubblyShip
Paper Stacks(COMPLETED)(Sanscest ×...by BubblyShip
(This story is a crossover of the many UnderTale AU's and a show called The Office U.S on Netflix. I don't own any of the AUs except for AtomicTale, I don't own The Offi...
  • afterdeath
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  • lust×death
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High school Troubles (an undertale sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
High school Troubles (an undertale...by ___Wueen_Jess___
This is an Undertale book! Daily updates :3 High school's tough for everyone. Everyone has something they hate or dislike about it. We all face problems and have our goo...
  • afterdeath
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Sans in Heat (UT FONTCEST) by UpperManagement_
Sans in Heat (UT FONTCEST)by UpperManagement_
Hope you enjoy you lil' sinners... (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • undertale
  • nsfw
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Au sans x reader oneshots  by Angelcandy321
Au sans x reader oneshots by Diamond Princess
well I was bored, and I love Undertale so it kinda makes sense.
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||UnderTale Fluff,Sins And Many More|| by Amyyurima
||UnderTale Fluff,Sins And Many Mo...by Amy Yurima (Undyne And Alphys...
  • lemon
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Nerd and Jock X Female Reader (On Hold)  by LovingBlueberry7
Nerd and Jock X Female Reader (On...by Red Ruby
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you've been homeschooled by your overprotective parents and twin brothers because... Reasons. Now you made your parents to promise you you'l...
  • undertale
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Determined or Heartless? [Reaper Reader X Frisk... Chara... Or Both?] by Freakskullz98
Determined or Heartless? [Reaper R...by Freak Skullz
Just knowing there is infinite realms to choose... It fills you with Determination. Knowing there is countless of timelines... It fills you with Determination. Meeting s...
  • reaper
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  • maleinsert
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Pirates (A Crossmare fanficton) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Pirates (A Crossmare fanficton)by ___Wueen_Jess___
This is for the Crossmare anniversary 3rd July :3 Long ago an ancient chest containing all the gems and riches was kept under lock and key at the palace of the royals...
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Taking cover <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
Taking cover by Who knows?
"I'm telling you! She died in a fire 7 years ago!" I boomed and raised my hands up in the air. He was sitting calmly, in his chair and leaned over onto his elb...
  • sans
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Female Error Destroyer of AUs by BeatrixKnight
Female Error Destroyer of AUsby LazyGhostGirl
Everything is the same in the multiverse, except for the fact that Error was a girl is the smallest skeleton of the bunch beside kid au skeletons and some don't see Erro...
  • undertale
  • error
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